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My name is emily! i have a bestfriend named nikki and shes always there for me. My best feature are my blue eyes. i want to be a photographer when i grow up. and i love dancing!
Oh and also IM BLACK! its an inside joke me and my friend have lol!! shes on witty shes awesome her screename is nikki12595  
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Justin Bieber

Quotes by pwittygirlfriend

Everyone has something that they don't like about themselves... doesn't mean u have to point it out.

So don't

When you pass a cop on the road say:
copper copper crime stopper, you stop them crimes:)!
Boy: You hit like a girl!!
Girl: That's cause i am a girl what's your excuse!!!!!

boy- "you play like a girl!"
guy friend of boy- "thats not what your girlfriend said last night."

girl in back round- "o your gunna need some aloe for that burnnnn!!!!!"
Spongebob Squarepants: Invisible spray!

Patrick: But i can see it.
"I hate you"
"Why nottt"

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Dont you hate it when...
you think of a good quote then its gone?