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Hi ! My name is Gina :)
i honestly dont know how to work witty ,
so my quotes probabley looks ugly but ...
its what im feeling from the heart so thats all that should matter. 
im 17 and witty has truely helped me get threw some rough times.

Quotes by qeennax3

I'm Not A Self-Help Book
I'm Just A F*ed Up Kid.
I Gotta Learn To Take My Own Advice And I Did.
It's Not About Forcing Happiness,
It's To Not Let Saddness Win.

That feeling... 
when your trying your hardest
it just doesn't seem good enough .. <|3

Im so sick and tired of feeling soo unwanted and pushing people away.
im so sick of over thinking and  
t e a r i n g  myself apart..

why do I do this to myself?
all I want is to be happy, is that too much to ask for?
If im so used to feeling like this, treated like this, then why do i still get upset like this?
I get upset... because i thought you'd be different, i thought it'd be a different story.. 
i guess i didnt find my fairytale.
On 11:11 i dont wish for 
money, to be noticed, or even for my price charming.
I wish for the strength to help me wake up the next morning and to help me get through the day.. 
That feeling you get when it seems like your doing absolutely everything wrong... <|3
this is driving me crazzzyyy ...
this is driving me insannnee..
come on baby hit me with some novacane.

i dont wanna be hurt
i cant take this pain
baby im emotionally drainned.

i dunno how more i can take
cant tell if this love is fake..
oh please be real ..

Bite your lips, the words a robbery do you grin inside? You're killing me
all along we talked of forever.. i kind of think we wont get better...
did you know? I'm here to stay ...
I can't find the best of all of this but i'm always looking out for you..
'cause you're the one I miss and it's driving me crazy..
I can't keep your voice out of my head..
all I hear are many echoes of the darkest words you said and its driving me crazy...