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- sometimes people come into yur life and yu know right away that they were meant to be there to serve some sort of purpose , teach yu a lesson or to help yu on who yu want to become . yu never know who these people may be , but when yu lock eyes wit... them . figure out who yu are . yu know that at that very moment they will affect yur life in some way .

-when it comes to relationships, people are always so scared of the what-if's that they forqet what-is. they spend so much time thinkinq, 'what if i qet hurt. ?' what if it doesn't work out. ?' that they stop thinkinq bout th...inqs that are already real . never let the fear of what-if stop u from lettinq yurself take a chance on love; becuz what if this is the person yur destined to spend the rest of yur life with. ? !
_ sometimes , you gotta do things that you don't want to do . it doesn't matter what kind of a life you have , theres always going to be something . sometimes its the little things like doing homework , other times its the big things like s...eeing someone you love very much suffer . no matter what , as much as it terrifies you it , so you just gotta sit down , suck it up , and STAY ♥ STRONG .

- you weren't born a winner , and you weren't born a loser . you are what you make yourself be .

- i am who i am because of yu , yur every reason , every hope , and every dream i've ever had , and no matter what happens to us in the future , everyday we're together is the greatest day of my life .

Girl: What's wrong? You seem down.
Boy: It's just, I have a problem...can i talk to you about it?
Girl: Well of course you can..im always here for you
Boy: well, i love this girl, shes perfect from top to bottom
Girl: and your problem is?
Boy: I want her alot, i want to be able to call her mine, i dont
want to see her with anyone else but me..
Girl: Then tell her!
Boy: She won't like me...
Girl: How do you know that?
Boy: I can just tell.
Girl: I'm sure she'd love to know.
Boy: What would I say?
Girl: Just tell her how much you love her!
Boy: I cant do that
Girl: And why is that?
Boy: what if she doesnt like me like that?
What if we are just friends?. and i tell her and it ruins everything?
Girl: if it does then you should show her you aren't going to give up on her
she might need to see that your serious and you'll always be there for her
Boy: she knows im always here for her..
Girl: well maybe she'll be needing a reminder
Boy: Oh...
Girl: do you talk alot?
Boy: only all the time..
Girl: (starting to think the girl is her) well does she ever show she likes you back?
Boy: like how?
Girl: like does she ever jokingly say i love you?
does she ever hug you and when you try to let go hangs on just a little bit longer?
does she ever stare into your eyes for a long time?
does she close her notebook fast when you sneak up behind her to talk to her?
Boy: (starting to think shes catching on)..i guess so.
Girl: Sounds like she loves you too. those are definitely signs she does
Boy: are you serious?
Girl: yes
Boy: well how do i tell her?
Girl: when your with her start talking and then kiss her
Boy: and if it doesnt work?
Girl: then i'll fix it for you
Boy: you'd dot that?
Girl: of course! your my best friend
Boy: so do you like anyoe?
Girl: yeah..somone pretty amazing
Boy: oh really...like who?
Girl: that isnt important now go get your girl!
Boy: ok i'll cya later
Girl: ok byee.. ( he walks away)
(Girl alone..so she thinks)
Girl: i only wish every night you loved me too.
i thought for sure he was talking about me..
i should've just told him when he asked.
girl gets tapped on the shoulder its him
Boy: i forgot something
(he hugs her, whispers i love you too, and kisses her)
Okaaaay ; so my best friend would have to be Bethany Knox . you are the only person that i can trust riqht now , when everyone else walked out on me ,  you were there helpinq me throuqh everythinq . we have so much fun when we are toqether , you are the only person that makes thinqs betterrr . everytime we hanq out , we act like we're sisters . we yell at each other , but then the next second later we will be like 'i love you'. hahaa we have so many inside jokes. "who does that?! - WE DO !" lmfao , uhmm can i have a 1-800-FCK-MEUP and a flaminq blue jesus, hahaha , i will never forqet thatt and the time when we played in the pourinq rain and we poured ICE cold water on each other & then ran inside and took a shower . And then qoinq to the store and havinq my clothes fall off the back of your mom's car and they were in the middle of the street , lmfao that was qreat(: -- anywaysss,  you has helped me with a lot in my life, and i want to thank you for that , bethany i will always be here for you no matter what and you know that  -- you will always be my best friend , i don't care what any body says . i love you so much  , best friends foreverrrrrr ! <3 .
 I love hockey players ;
they know how to control their stick(:

all miiiine .

                                 i thouqht she was my best friend ,
                           bhut really she is juus' like everyone else ;
& it is juus' another competition .
my heart is locked with a password;;
If you need to talk, i'll listen. If you're feeling alone, i'll be right there with you. If you need to cry, i'll [hold] you. If you need to lean, i'll give you my shoulder. If you feel lost, i'll guide you. If you're feeling attacked, i'll be your defence. If you need to be angry, i'll let you. If you're feeling afraid, i'll comfort you. If your feeling unsure, i'll be your confidence, I PROMISE.
Don't youu hate it when ;;
Youu stay up alll niqht thinkinq there is no school the next day, kuz you think its a snow daay.
But then you wake up in the morninq and theres school. 
So then you're fuckiin tired from stayinq up all niqht.

Lol, this happens to me all the time.
Rate hiqh if you've ever done this, :P