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Hiya, I am just a random girl....I like llamas, pickles, Strawberries,  and clearly  Alice In Wonderland. My favorite bands are Paramore and Greenday.  Lets just say, I am not a regular girly girl. I could be considered a Southern Belle, but with a fun twist. I see the world in a different view and I would love to talk to anyone about anything. I try my hardest to do daily confessions, but sometimes I forget. Okai so bye Te Amo <3

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I would really appreciate someone to message me and listen to all my problems and give me advice. Pleaseeeee 
Confession- Ive fell in love with my bestfriend but Im still dating my boyfriend, and yet I love them both. Im hopelessly confused and hurt because now I had to drop my bff and yea
One heart-- One confession
Snapchat Me and My Friend Sydney!!
Confession~  Im in love with my bestfriend and he dont know it

Comment your Snapchat name below if you want someone to talk to :)
Todays my birthday and what did I get?
Parents who forgot my birthday and I dont even get to see my crush.
my life sucks.
Im not a hater... I just hate when people dont know what they are talking about. Mkay, so maybe I am a hater. Im mean and honest get over it, Im just not your cup of tea.
Once upon a time there was a fish that lived in a toilet bowl. One day I flushed him down the toilet, he died.

Boy: "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?"
Girl: "No, but I scrapped my knee crawling up from Hell."
Little Girl: " OMG! Do you need a bandaid."
Little Girl:":)"
See there are people who care about me (: