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OHAI! the names jamila, but they call me jimii :) im soon 16! so keen!
i love NIRVANA!  pearl jam, foo fighters, rage against the machine,bob marley, iron maiden, black sabbath, incubus.. i love old school music :)
im pretty obessed with Kurt Cobain, yeah im aware hes dead but hes fucking great.
i shuffle... Hardstyle not LMFAO shit..
im a skater! i just love chillin with my boys all day, its pretty great dude..
yeah im aussie, what of it? haha nah dont a kangaroo bro, sorry to dissapoint ya :L

Quotes by quidditchqueen



Why do we feel safe under the blankets?
seriously think about it...

murderer: ok, im just gonna kill these peopl..... oh there under a blanket i better go home then.

My heart is not your dick.
So dont play with it.

the girl you love,
you ripped her apart and threw her across oceans.
fix her.

Dear Girls,

we like you for youre brains,
not youre body.

sincererly Zombies.

when a Friend doesnt come to school:

5% hope thier okay.



after i buy a slipknot cd, Paul Grey dies.
after i buy a iphone, Steve Jobs dies.

so tomorrow, im going to buy every
Justin bieber album.

So i ran into my ex and his new girlfriend the other day.....

with my car.

Reasons i dont like janitors:

5% thier creepy.

5% they stare at you.

90% thier not the scrubs janitor.

RE ......

All i want to do is scream, but i sit here in silence.

Drop kicking your cat because you burnt your toast...