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Quotes by qwerty40

Attractive people should have to wear nametags so that they're easier to talk to.
How long can you go without sleep before you die? Because I haven't been able to sleep since Saturday.
*say something human* "how are you?" *nailed it*
whenever I talk to an attractive guy I think *don't be creepy, don't be creepy, don't be creepy*
I lost every single one of my friends...so I made lots of new ones on social networking sites.
Has anyone seen The Purge yet, and is it good?
'destroyed in seconds' is a metaphor for my life.
In the last week my mom has acted like she hates me, my mom and stepdad finalized their divorce, my great grandfather had a heart attack and nearly died, my boyfriend of six months broke up with me, I've lost my last few friends, I've began to self-harm because I can't deal with all of this at one time.
It's like a really bad addiction now, I can't stop. I need it. I need to feel pain.
Sometimes I lay in my bed and think of all the painless ways I can leave the world.