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I use to be shy, but then I realized that we grow old just when we decided to live young.
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Hey guys,
Name's Rocki.

16. Sophomore.
I sing & play ukulele.
I'm from a town, in a place.
My parents enjoy calling me a "Wild Child".
I really enjoy black and white movies and Netflix.
I'm not particularly interested in love.
I struggle with an eating disorder.
I haven't cut in 2 months.
Society sucks.
xo, Rocki

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Revenge served Cold

Chapter Six
Nora's POV

Grinning, I bring the camera down and look at the photos we've taken. What a perfect day. "You wanna get some icecream?"
I smiled. "Sure, Trev." I said, pulling out a cigarette. I'd been smoking more than usual lately. I handed one to Trevor.
We had been at the beach all day, Trevor wearing nothing but a cardigan over his bronzed muscles and a pair of board shorts. I bit my lip, climbing on my bike and staring at his muscled abdomen.
We rode to the nearest Ben & Jerry's, ordering a couple of cones. He got mint chocolate chip and I got neopolitan, my favorite. A little bit of everything.
"You got a little something on your nose," Trevor smiled.
"What? Where!" I said, going cross-eyed and dabbing at my nose.
"Riiight...there," Trevor replied, touching his icecream on the tip of my nose. I shrieked.
"Trevor!" I exclaimed, grabbing his cardigan and wiping my nose. "That was freezing, you jerk!" I laughed and hit him in the arm.
"Hey!" He said, running after me. I squealed and ran from his grasp, secretly hoping he'd catch me.
"Gotcha," Trevor said, wrapping his arms around me from behind. I pretended to be defeated, laying limp in his hold. Just then, Corey walked up, looking at us with disgust. 
Trevor smirked at her, spinning me around and looking at me with his mint chocolate-chip colored eyes. I searched them and my eyes fluttered shut as he leaned in and--
"Nora! Time for school!"
My eyes shot open and less than a second later I groaned, slamming my fists against the bed. All a dream.
I stood up, making my way to the bathroom and turning on the shower. Standing in front of the mirror, I pressed my fingers against my lips. I felt a soft tingle there as if I'd actually been kissed. 
I smiled and sighed, making my way into the shower. Roughly fifteen minutes later, I stepped out and got my blow dryer, drying my long, heavy locks. I tilted my head to the side, deciding to make my eyes pop.
I applied a thin shimmer of golden eyeshadow, brown in the corners for affect. Sliding on some mascara and a touch of blush, I decided I was done after my lips were glossed in pink.
I walked into my fair sized closet and looked around. Today felt like a dressy day, and boy was I going to dress to impress. A certain boy, that is.
Going over to my dresses, I pulled out a floral mint sleeveless dress with a chiffon cutout. Sensual and sexy. I grabbed a pair of Oxford ballet shoes and dressed quickly, sliding my books into a large red tote.
I glanced at my outfit and removed my shoes, slipping on a pair of lace trim socks and putting my shoes back on. I grinned.


Dream Interpretation: There's a hottie on my radar. I've caught the lovebug and I'm afraid I'm sick as a dog.

Outfit: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m6sq2nyFu71r2ay0qo1_500.jpg
Trevor in the dream: http://i1094.photobucket.com/albums/i456/zrhett/5e0984d6.jpg
I'm really sorry for not posting faster!
Been really caught up with stuff.
I apologize that this chapter was kind of boring, it'll pick up soon! :)

Revenge served Cold

Chapter Five
Rose's POV

I stopped the YouTube video, a sick taste forming in my mouth. What had Nora turned into? I closed my laptap angrily and plugged in my iTouch, turning on ADTR. A pop-up message opened up on my screen.
Corey Westbrook sent you a message.
I read and re-read the notification. Corey? Opening my laptop back up, I logged into Facebook and clicked on the message. It read, "Let's get something straight. I hate you, you hate me. It's mutual. But right now I think we both hate Nora. She needs to go down."
I bit my lip, my fingers hesitating over the keyboard. Corey was never my friend before, why should that change now? "Don't be upset because you kissed her, Corey. You only have yourself to blame."
A reply came almost instantly. "You know what I know. Help me or you'll be even more of an outcast than you already are."
I sighed heavily, turning my computer off. There was no way I'd get sucked into this stupid feud. Was there?
I knocked on Rachel's bedroom door before walking in anyway. She had a couple friends sitting on her floor, a large bottle of vodka in between them.
"What did I tell you about coming into my room?" Rachel said with a sneer. I rolled my eyes, sitting down and grabbing the vodka. "Seriously, Rose. I don't want to chill with you and I'm sure no one else here does either."
"I dunno," a guy with blonde hair said, rubbing his chin. "She's kinda cute." I laughed.
Rachel huffed. "Well yeah, she looks like me," turning to me, she glared. "We may be physically identical, but that doesn't mean we're anything alike."
I shrugged, taking another swig of vodka. "We don't hafta like each other sis, s'long as you bring the booze," I said, raising the bottle in the air. Rachel could be so touchy.
After chugging the rest of the vodka, I stood on wobbly feet and bent down to hug my sister. "I loooovvvve yewwww," I said, a huge smile plastered on my face.
"Ew, ga-ross!" She exclaimed, standing up and pushing me away. I skipped out of the room and turned my computer back on.
"Okay, I'll do it."


Rachel: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m3srssyUGo1qkv30do1_500.jpg

Revenge served Cold

Chapter Four
Part Two

"Hey N, honestly I didn't think you'd show," Corey said, taking a sip of her drink. The strong smell of alcohol hit me as I brushed passed her into the house. There were a few people on the couch hitting a bong, two people making out on the loveseat, but from what I could tell, most of the party was in the kitchen.
I made my way there to find a game of beer pong going on. Trevor was playing by himself against a jockish-looking guy and a petite blonde. Groups of people were surrounding them on either side of the table, drinking and cheering.
I came up behind Trevor and touched his shoulder. As he turned around, I went onto my tiptoes and wrapped my arms around his neck, hugging him.
At first he was taken aback, but he wrapped his strong arms around me. "Nora hi, just in time to join the fun," he said, pulling back with a smile. I giggled and batted my eyelashes at him, grabbing the pong ball from his hand and shooting it straight into the opponent's cup.
Everybody cheered. The jockish guy on the other side groaned and shook his head, "No fair, Slade I think your girl is better than you." Trevor laughed and shrugged and I grinned, grabbing a bowl I saw on a nearby table and taking a hit. After all, a party is a party.
Starting to feel a buzz, I decided to go find Corey. It was time for the night to really begin.
I found her in a bedroom with the other girls in a game of truth or dare. "Hello ladies," I said with a smile.
Taelyn, Amber, and Ellie greeted me eagerly and Corey lifted an eyebrow. I took a seat on the bed and asked if I could speak with her. She shrugged, but agreed. We found a private place in a rather large coat closet and when I was sitting cross legged on the floor, she turned around to me quickly.
"Don't think for a second I've forgotten who you were, Clarke. You were nobody. Just because everyone else can't see that anymore doesn't mean I like you anymore than I use to." She said in a rush, crossing her arms and huffing.
I took a deep breath and stood up, looking at her with a solemn expression. "Look, Cor. I know I was never popular, I mean in middle school I had no idea who I was. I wanted nothing more than to be your friend again, like in elementary school, but I know I wasn't good enough," I said, standing close and holding a lock of her hair. "That's why I changed, I wanted to be..." I looked into her eyes. "I wanted you to see me differently."
Suddenly, Corey jumped on me, my back hitting the plush carpet. Before I knew what was happening, Corey pressed her lips against mine, kissing me furiously. I froze, staring at her with wide eyes.
As if just realizing what she'd done, Corey pulled herself away, staring at me like I had done something wrong. She put her hand over her mouth and ran from the closet.
I got up and dusted myself off, smiling as I took the camera from the shelf I'd placed it on.


Corey Comes Out: What happens at the Estate, stays at the Estate. Or so she thought... attachment.coreygetscrazy

There wasn't enough room to fit the whole chapter, so I'm making it into two parts!
Thank you guys SO much for all the great feedback! Love you!

xo, Rocki

Revenge served Cold

Chapter Four
Part One

I rolled the bottoms of the faded hot pink waist-high shorts I had on and tucked in my collared lace front blouse. Slipping on a long black rosary necklace and some green peep-toed shoes, I checked myself in the mirror. Fashionably miss-matched, I thought.
Glacing around my room for a minute or two, my eyes came to rest on my video camera. I bit my lip and grabbed my large navy tote, slipping the camera inside. Tonight would be a night to remember. Most importantly, a night to blog.
Peeking in the mirror again, I dug my fingers into my hair, trying to give it more volume. I sighed and stalked out of my room, knocking on my mother's bedroom door. "Hey, mom? Can you do my hair?" I called out.
My mom opened the door and smiled at me. "Honey, you look gorgeous. I'm so glad to have you home. Lord knows your father's not a good influence!" I shook my head and smiled.
She guestured for me to follow her into the room and I plopped down on her bed, fiddling with my necklace. I closed my eyes as I felt my mother's fingers in my hair, almost like a massage.
When she was done, she held a mirror in front of me and I giggled. "Mom, it's perfect!" I exclaimed, turning my head to see the whole thing. "What's this called?"
"It's a waterfall braid, my mom taught me how to do it. Maybe I'll teach you sometime, yeah?" I nodded enthusiastically and jumped up, going back to my room.
I placed a random ring on my right middle finger and went out to my car. Trevor had texted me during 2nd period saying the house was in the Estate, one of the richest neighborhoods around. I should have figured. Rich kids know how to waste money like nothing else.
Pulling up to the large, brick red house, I took a moment to look around. I decided to park the farthest from the house so I could get out easily and so no one would scratch up my car.
Standing in front of the door, I could hear Katy Perry playing. I pulled out a cigarette and lit it, ringing the doorbell. Just as I took in a drag, the door flung open and Corey stood there. Before she had time to say anything, I blew my smoke into her face.
"Sup b//itch."


Hair: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lvwiv71COK1qhfdxro1_500.jpg
Outfit: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m6miubKbPt1r2ay0qo1_500.jpg

There wasn't enough room to fit the whole chapter, so I'm making it into two parts!
Thank you guys SO much for all the great feedback! Love you!

xo, Rocki

Revenge served Cold

Chapter Three

Soft winds blew through my hair when Trevor opened the door to the school for me. I looked at his smiling face and drew in a deep breath, squaring my shoulders.
"Hey, Nora, you look like you're getting ready to murder someone," Trevor said, placing his hand on my shoulder. "Relax."
I smiled at the irony of that and lifted one eyebrow up at him. Turning my sights on the school, I strutted in, Trevor following suit.
I'd like to say that everything happened in slow motion like it does in the movies, but truthfully it all happened very fast, so fast that I almost didn't get to enjoy it.
Bunches of people were standing around the main hallwall, mostly separated into circles. It seemed as though all the different types of people grouped together, like cliques. I had thought high school didn't really have cliques. It turns out this school would be better than I'd imagined.
As I walked in, each face turned towards me, an exceptional amount of mouths dropping. I smiled, pleased, and kept my head high, walking past the groups of useless douchebags.
Trevor stopped somewhere along the way, but I kept walking until I heard my name called.
"Nora? Holy hell, that is Nora!"
I turned slowly, my brow furrowed. I couldn't tell exactly where it'd come from until a girl with light brown, dreaded hair stepped in front of me. I pursed my lips.
Crossing my arms, I stood there staring at her. "Rose."
"Damn Nora, you've really changed. What the hell did they do to you in California?" she asked, looking me up and down. I scoffed at her, turning to walk the other direction. There was someone standing in front of me and I walked straight into them, our heads colliding.
"Ugh! Can you move?" I said angrily, rubbing my forehead. The girl had bouncy, red hair and she turned around.
"God, watch where you're going, bitc--Nora? Nora Clarke?" the girl said, her eyes widening. My angry stare turned into a smirk.
"Corey Westbrook," I replied. "It's so nice to see you again!" I said sincerely. 
She looked at me incredulously. "It's like you're a totally different person!"
Three girls came up behind her, one I didn't know, the other two I remembered as Amber and Taelyn. The third girl looked slightly younger and had long, dark hair. "Nora, I'm sure you remember Amber," Corey said, pointing to a blonde. "And Taelyn, as well," and pointed to the darkskinned girl.
I nodded, smiling pleasantly at them. These b//tches won't know what hit them. "And this here is little Ellie, sort of my prodige," she said, smiling fondly at the dark haired girl. I rolled my eyes.
Trevor came up behind Corey and put his arm around her. My eyes turned glassy. I'd spent tons of time practicing facial expressions so I could hide my emotions. But I could have sworn Trevor was going to be mine.
As I mulled it over, I thought it was a good thing. Something else to add to the long list of revenge--stealing her boyfriend. I smiled inwardly.
"Trev, hey," I said, placing a hand on his collar. "Glad to see we all know each other," I said mischeviously. Corey's blue eyes shot out daggers.
"Hey Nora!" Trevor said cheerfully. "There's a party tonight, kicking off the start of school. You can come if you'd like."
I grinned up at him, grabbing a pen from my bag. Taking his hand, I wrote my number there. "Text me the details later," I said with a wink.


Wild House Parties: Careful girls, you might not want to raise the roof too high tonight, I hear there's a storm brewing and you're bound to catch some rain.

Rose: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lwvnl2Quj51qhxlw0o1_500.jpg
Corey: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_roShlF0kaNw/TT8y3Fmv9UI/AAAAAAAAACo/B04NUpG0Mqo/s1600/0809-hair-color-5-de.jpg
Amber: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lwl6zncttQ1qiifb1o1_500.jpg
Ellie: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lvx7hzLJo01qb68g6o1_500.jpg
Taelyn: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lxz4h59vUo1qdqmlao1_500.jpg

Revenge served Cold

Chapter Two

Nora's POV

I pulled into my assigned parking spot at school, number 23. Lucky for me, I got one close to the entrance. I decided to wait until the bell was just about to ring to go inside so I could make a grand entrance.
While waiting, I hooked my iPod into my car’s stereo and played music, fishing around in my bag for the pack of cigarettes I had slid in there the night before.
Not that it was a healthy habit, but it definitely calmed my nerves. I started in ninth grade with some buddies and it had generally stuck; now I smoke mostly just to curb my appetite.
I cracked my window down a couple inches and put a cigarette between my lips. While searching for the lighter in my bag, I heard a tap on my window. stuff, no one’s suppose to see me yet.
I glanced over my shoulder and saw a lean guy sporting a white button up and dark blue faded jeans. His brown hair was swept to the top of his head and it looked as though he’d spent his summer tanning. Thankful that I didn’t recognize him, I slid an annoyed look onto my face and cranked my window down some more.
“Uh, yeah?”
“Hey,” he said, his blinding smile accenting his green eyes. “I saw you were, well, and I thought maybe I could…possibly bum one?” He asked, stumbling through his words and holding up a blue lighter.
I nodded, thinking. “Get in.” I said, jerking my head towards the passenger side.
He smiled in relief and went around while I rolled my window back up. “So…are you new here?” he asked, taking a Camel Crush from the pack and lighting it.
“I was about to ask you the same thing,” I replied, crushing the ball in my own cigarette. I held my hand out for the lighter.
He handed it to me. “Nah, I started here last year. I’m a senior now. My name’s Trevor, by the way.”
“I’m Nora. I use to live here about a year ago, but I was in Cali for my freshman year,” I explained, inhaling the icy menthol.
“Well I’m surprised, you'd figure a beauty like you would’ve come up in conversation,” he said with a smile.
I rolled my eyes. Trevor picked up my iPod and shuffled through the songs, stopping on This Love by Maroon 5. I laughed and shook my head while he bobbed his body to the beat. Hearing the warning bell ring, I watched people rush inside and flicked my cigarette butt out the window.
As I stepped out of my car Trevor was already there, waiting for me so we could walk inside together. I smiled and pulled out my iPhone.


Hotties Named Trevor:  Everyone has their doubts about the first day of school, but you know you must be doing something right when you snag a senior before it's even started.

No need to use to the links, I just find it's easier to imagine things with visuals!
Nora Before: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-grvFpPi26RE/TfOgVBFEYiI/AAAAAAAAAVs/MF1BAJcULcM/s1600/emo8.jpg
Nora After: http://howtogetlonghair.info/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/how-to-make-hair-thicker.png
Trevor: http://i1094.photobucket.com/albums/i456/zrhett/bfcad0ab.jpg

Thank you all so much for the support!
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Revenge served Cold


Nora's POV

I finally did it, I thought to myself, staring in the mirror. I turned left, then right, inspecting myself and tucking a stray piece of hair behind my ear.
I applied a thin coat of shimmery, cherry-flavored lip gloss. Perfect.
After a year of being away from my hometown in Charleston, I'd arrived in Mount Pleasant last night. My main attraction was starting school again and seeing all of the people who thought they knew me.
No doubt, every single one of them will be blown away.
While spending a year in California, I had picked up a few tips and tricks, not to mention dropped about 50 pounds. The girl they knew is gone. No more heavy eyeliner, dark clothes, or choppy hair.
I won't be the chubby, emo girl, the outcast.
For as long as I could remember, the gorgeous people at my school had torn me down. They'll be sorry they ever said the things they said. They'll be sorry the ever met me. 
I grabbed my iPhone and pulled up my blog, clicking open a new entry.


Fashion Statement of the Month:  Grab your parkas to tan in the August sun this year ladies, 
because revenge is a dish best served cold.