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you're cute, i'm cute.
wanna be cute together? ;) _____________________

Sexy Can i ?

Favorite if you think nothing is sexier than a guy admitting he's scared.
I love it;)

Hey , Thats a Nice Shirt , Think iCan Talk You Out Of it?


trust is like virginity;
one f**k up and its gone. 

Whats up ?
Your dick when you see me ( ; 

staying up all night
because im talking to h.i.m <<<<
Does this ever happen to Y O U ?
1. You text the guy that you are
crushing on.
2. You freak out, immediately
regretting sending him a message.
3. You think that you're
annoying him, and that he probably hates you already.
4. You freak out again, wondering if you are making it
too obvious that you like him.
5. He texts you back, you get
BUTTERFLIES in your tummy.
6. You feel immediately
relieved and that small window of hope that he likes you back gets bigger.