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Quotes by Rachel*

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There are poems inside of me that paper can't handle.

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I  only  write  when  I'm  falling  in  love  or  falling  apart.

Letting you go was beautiful, yet tragic.
My heart broke, but my mind settled knowing I wasn't going to hurt forever because of you.
I want to kill the thing inside me that still longs for you.

I have an obsession with quotes because other people are so much better at putting my feelings into words than I am.

I didn't mean to fall in love, but I did.
And you didn't mean to hurt me, but you did.



                 You know how the moon only glows
                 because it's reflecting off the sun?
                  Well that's me with him. He's my sun,
                    and I only shine because he's there.


no matter how much you
loved them, they could
slip through your fingers
like water.
and there was nothing you could do about it.

It's kinda sad isn't it? 
That someone could hurt you so much
that you have to write about it.
Anhoodd it ito be haunted
by someone that is still alive, I guess the old you is a ghost.