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Quotes by rae21

Look at everything as if it was your last time of seeing it- you'll get more beauty out of life
Getting a lot of girls isn't impressive, Keeping one is
Are they still called "Flaws" if I adore them?

I remember once
When i was feeling down
A friend of mine
Slapped me in the face
And said "Pull
yourself together and
take charge in your life
because if ANYONE'S
A winner
          YOU ARE!!"


Everyone you meet is fighting their own battle,
         so dont think you're the only one
YOu're my FRUITLOOP in a world of CHEERIOS
DOnt worry if your single,
God's looking at you right now saying......."Im saving this girl for someone special"
Its better to spend a life full of "oh well" than a life full of "what if?"
YOu cant break my heart if it wasnt full to begin with..
Love isnt about finding the perfect person, its about finding an imperfect person perfect:)<33