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Quotes by rafaela123

We are falling apart
But holding on to the edge,
As if everything is fine

Baby, Without you, I'm nothing
I'm so lost, Hug me, Then tell
Me how ugly I am but that you'll
always love me.
Let the sky f
I stood for nothing, So
I fell for everything
Why don't you want to fix me anymore?
That sad part is,
I'm learning not to need anyone.
All i asked for was for use to actually talk, and have a normal week.
Is that so hard?
Don't make me sad
Don't make me cry
Sometimes love is not enough,
and the road gets tough,
I don't know why
 I want to go some place, some place away from you,
away from everyone.
I want to go some place,
where I can't feel anything.
I want to feel numb.
I want to go some place,
where your actions won't hurt me,
Where your words don't matter.
I want to go some place,
I want to get away.
I want to leave.
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