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Hey I'm Katie
I'm 14,

 currently taken by the perfect boy

I love swimming SOOOO much

My Favorite Artist: Taylor Swift

Favorite Band: One Direction, I LOVE Harry

That's all you need to know about me


Quotes by rainbiw

Take the leap

You never know what the future might bring
Me: *Wakes up*

Me: Thats it I quit the game of life

Me: Time to sleep forever
Why give up?

There's always tommorow
I once went on a school trip

I was the only person that nobody would sit next to on the bus

I spent my lunch break alone eating half a bag of goldfish because I forgot to bring money or lunch

Finally a girl I absolutely despise invited me to sit at her table

Then when we got back on the bus she sat next to me and fell asleep on my arm

I was trapped

Needless to say it was the worst trip ever
I wonder...
What it would be like to fly

To see the world in the blink of an eye

To be able to go anywhere and everywhere in a single heartbeat

To see the world from way up high

To Fly


I am...

As fast and wild as the wind

As hot and angry and fire

As as calm and w v  as water
                a y

As strong and tough as the earth

So are you

Average Person: Wants to be a vertrinarian /doctor/laywer/astronaut/author/reporter

Me: Wants to be a superhero

is my everything
One day I will touch the stars

And Achieve my Dreams
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