Status: Acceptance is something we all deserve, no matter our beliefs.
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My name is Morgan.

My passions: taking photos, writing, baking, and singing.
I haven't decided what to do after highschool just yet, it scares me.
I'm a senior, 18, but I have my whole life to decide yet.

I'm the girl that loves to have the house to myself for the day so I can cook and play my mixed CDs loud and sing to them.
Liking me is a two way street. Either you do or you don't.

Awkward, Adventure Time, Spongebob and Regular Show are the shows I could watch all day, every day.
I honestly don't care how you type as long as I can read it, but correct spelling will get you much farther with me.

My best friend is the favorite button, so don't be suprised if I stumble onto your page and like a lot of your quotes.

I don't care if you don't support gays, but keep your beliefs to yourself.

I am obsessed with Swedish Fish and Birthday Cake ice cream(:
I over use smiley faces when I have a conversation with someone.
c: Well, that's about it. If you want to know more, get to know me. <3

And remember, you are soo beautiful. :D


Quotes by rainbow15

My smiles says I've moved on, but my heart knows the truth.

You can always tell when

the end is approaching.

Sometimes it's terrifying,

and sometimes it's


But it will always hurt.
I want all of you.
Your mistakes and heart breaks.
I want to kiss you,
and make you happy
Until i've done all I can do.

It's funny. How close I am to killing myself.
Or going back to my old ways of cutting.
It's like everyone sees my sadness.
But they don't even care. 
Maybe I'm wrong.
Maybe I cover it up so good,
and wrap it like a present.
And that present is so pretty,
that they wont even look at the truth.
But I can't be this person.
Always crying into my pillow.
Secluding myself when I'm sad. 
Saying funny things so people don't see the hurt behind it.
I want to die.

You want to know the reason I'm sad.

It's probably the loneliness. 
I've never felt more alone in my life

And no one cares.


So what if I have dated a lot of people.
It's not like I go throw myself at them like a sl/t.
I'm just looking for the right person.


Heres  to  the  girl 

who  got  dumped

on  Christmas.

W h a t   a   l o v e l y   p r e s e n t .


I get to see him


I'll keep my fingers crossed that maybe I'll get what I've been waiting for. 

I know I shouldn't say this, but I -at one point- gave every part of my heart to you. It was as if I set it outside your door and when you opened it and saw it-you wanted to slam your door- But instead you lifted it up and invited me inside for tea even though you know I can't stand it. And we would talk for hours on end. Right as you are about to send me away you pull me in for a hug. It was as if you would do this everyday. Asking for something less than what you knew I wanted. 
And that little box, so full of my love, it was sitting in your back pocket until the day you had no use for my company. Then you threw it into the snow. So that is why my heart is so cold.


My Dad:When are you going to clean your room? It's disgusting.

What I'm thinking:

you're   disgusting.



Friend: Tell me a secret.
Me: Will you keep it?
Friend: Of course.
Me: And Once I tell you, then what?
Friend: I'll drop it, never bring it up again.
Me: Well, I shouldn't tell you this, but I think of suicide a lot.
Friend: What..Why?
Me: You wouldn't understand even if I tried to explain.
Friend: I'll drop it, just know, I'd miss you, I love you every day, and I'm always here. 


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