Status: Acceptance is something we all deserve, no matter our beliefs.
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My name is Morgan.

My passions: taking photos, writing, baking, and singing.
I haven't decided what to do after highschool just yet, it scares me.
I'm a senior, 18, but I have my whole life to decide yet.

I'm the girl that loves to have the house to myself for the day so I can cook and play my mixed CDs loud and sing to them.
Liking me is a two way street. Either you do or you don't.

Awkward, Adventure Time, Spongebob and Regular Show are the shows I could watch all day, every day.
I honestly don't care how you type as long as I can read it, but correct spelling will get you much farther with me.

My best friend is the favorite button, so don't be suprised if I stumble onto your page and like a lot of your quotes.

I don't care if you don't support gays, but keep your beliefs to yourself.

I am obsessed with Swedish Fish and Birthday Cake ice cream(:
I over use smiley faces when I have a conversation with someone.
c: Well, that's about it. If you want to know more, get to know me. <3

And remember, you are soo beautiful. :D


Quotes by rainbow15

Here The Truth Lies

Behind Blue Eyes


Silent Screams
Stunning Scars.


My New Years resolution

will be to simply

remember to write

on everything

instead of




 When we yawn, 

Do deaf people think

we are screaming?



Not to get technical..

But according to chemistry

Alcohol is a solution.



What  if  we  could

breathe  in  space..

And  the  goverment

just  said  we can't..

So  we  can't  escape.


Last Christmas
I gave you my heart,
but the very next day 
your body rejected the transplant
and you died.


I don't have a bucket list,

Because my 
f/ckit list

is a mile long.


I've been beaten down

I've been kicked around,

but she takes it all for me.
I love you mom.


Love yourself.

You aren't just special,

You're Authentic.


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