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I hate when my room is clean. Like its great to have it clean but when my room is clean there is a strange empty feeling. Almost as if he shold be here with me.
Like I told you today your perfect. Your everything I could ever hope for. I love you so much and the fact that you've put up with me for these last 3 months(especially with what's been going on recently) is astonishing I don't know anyone else who could stand such an unstable person as I am. I am soo thank full that I have you in my life. I know things are probably going to be hard for awhile but I'll always care about you and I hope that you can continue to put up with my stupidity. Happy 3 months baby.

This is what I recieved from my boyfriend yeesterday hes so cute.
yeah your important and I love you
My deffinition of love - its the way you look at me when I'm falling asleep. Its the way you always worry about me even when nothings wrong.Its the way you lay your head on top of mine when we lay on the couch watching disney movies. Its the unforgetable bright blue color of your eyes. its the way you smell. Its anything and everything that has to do with you.
You like things quiet . Unless its music you love that loud . You very calm but your little bursts of excitement are really cute. You always make sure im okay and I'm never okay unless I'm with you. you want me to be happy. You are perfectly fine just cuddling and watching movies. You are just amazing. I LOVE YOU.
** RANT ** ok so I get why my parents don't want my boyfriend to sleep over but the are fine with me and him spending 4 hours alone at my house like my parents would be home and me and him would stay in the living room and side note he wont even kiss me and it took him 3 months just to say I love you and when I asked my dad he couldn't come up with a valid reason
If you haven't figured it out I cant live with out you. You still want to leave this place though and I've been trying to find a way to make you stay but theres nothing and I just dont want you to go. You can't go.
so every time I want to cut I'm supposed to write down how I feel but heres the thing the only time I ever feel any thing is when I'm with my boy friend or my best friend and when im with them I feel happy but any other time I forget how to feel how do you explain to some one you forgot how to feel ?

need i say more
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