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Taylor Swift has taught me a few things.
1) That I should "Speak Now" before it's too late and I regret not saying 'I love you' or 'I'm sorry'.
2) That I should "long live" and appricate who I have in my life before they walk out.
3) That when a boy breaks my heart, I'm not alone. Everyone goes through heartbreak.
4) That getting my heart broken a bunch of times is all part of finding "the one".
5) That I am beautiful in my own way and that everyone has their insecurities so don't give up.
6) Don't rush growing up because some day you'll miss when life was so less complicated.
7) Don't settle for something lower than your expectations. You deserve the best.
8) To be completely fearless of life and other people's opinions because in the end, your  own happiness is all that matters.
Thank you Taylor<3

     Long Live, Speak Now and Forever be Fearless.     

Quotes by rainbowtoaster2

      "I'm never going to be alone,
                              because of you."
                                                                                                  -my boyfriend


For the first time
what's past is past.


Confession #3:
I try to please everyone else but myself.
I just want everyone to accept and like me.


The only make-up I've worn all summer
is waterproof mascara.



Going back to school feels like
I'm breaking up with the beach.



I know that when I break down,
he's still here.

I love how you make me
a better person
much like Oprah.


I know it may feel like
the end of the world sometimes,
but remember you have to hit bottom
to be on top again.


I go back to December all the time
                                   ...In your dreams.