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Quotes by rajarooxx14

hey raja... you left your profile open for me to hack... so..you have been hacked.
-love cassidy
favorite thiss <3 poweasee
wolf pack woot woot... (:
Why do we bother with love..
W hen it never last

&  ;   i   '  ll    never   be  good   enough   for
h  -  i  -  m / / / /

it seems like these days;
everyone hates me..
------> am i really that bad?
i feel
 is it okay to feel
 afraid? ;;
 b e c a u s e  i  a m .

& Respect  all the ugly quotes that only get 3 favorites, just because of they way they look. Quotes don't have to be pretty, to come from the heart.

&when will i ever be that;
 one girl?

&Those quotes that say ;

"I promise i will leave a

cute&nice comment on

your  profile,

if you favorite  this" !

You  never  get that  cute&nice comment.

& can someone,
Please tell me what's so romantic about kissing in the rain?
Because to me, your getting wet&gross




I'm done trying to prove myself to you.
so now on,
i am whatever you say i am..

Dear Facial Products 
Can you please find a way to rinse of my face without getting my hair wet?
I just blow dried my hair.