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hi:) my name is randi and i am a sophmore in high school my interest include eating...food...sleeping...food...cheerleading...oh and eating i am always ready to listen no matter what

Quotes by randi_lynn

Im hard to get
but once you have me I fall hard  



The day i learn to fly     
   im never coming down    


Me: *sneezes*
Class: *silent*

Popular girl*sneezes*

Can i say something?

yeah sure go for it...

i like you...kay bye

no wait! i like you too:)  

me; * walking down the stairs with me cheer team*

my crush; * walking up the stairs passing me*

my cheer team; OHHHHHH randi its brandonn

me; * face really red turning away*

my crush; * turns to look at me and smiles*

my cheer team; Hahhahhahahha

me; stop laughing

my crush; haha 


♥yeah... i have great  Friends.thanks guys:///
fave if your friends have ever done this to you
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The easiest way to avoid getting your

heart broken

is by pretending you dont have one


going to your room to do homework
then you blast the music... 

and it turns into an ultimate dance party for one.

"theres plenty of fish in the sea..."

okay, so stay away from my fish.
NMf my quote


people will hate you, rate you  shake you  break you.

but how strong you stand is what makes you.

nmf my quote dont take

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truth is

what is this facebook?