Status: "When people look down on you because you aren't who they want you to be, that's when you know you're doing something right." -My Bestfriend
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& what if the best part of me, was always you?

Hi, I'm Ashlynn. I'm 16, and I am officially a Junior! :)
I am also in High School band! Colorguard to be exact.
I like to read, draw, write, and paint. I am pretty easy going! I am a big chatter box.
I will seriously talk to anyone who even glances my way. 

I am probably the most positive person you will ever meet! I'm super nice too, 
so don't be shy to talk to me on here! I would love the company. (:
There isn't much else i can say about me! So... Enjoy what little is here i guess!

I love you! c: 

Enjoy my pictures. ;)

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 Now for some less funny pictures. c:

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Quotes by randomcrayon12

And then, she gave him her heart. She gave him all of her secrets, all of her fears and smiles. Even though she knew that he could run away with it all and never give it back, she took a leap of faith and did the unexpected. Because even though her mind yelled no, her heart softly whispered, "yes".

I wonder if Miley Cyrus's New Year's Resolution
is to be a better person...


You know, everyone has a first love. That person will forever have a small part of you that no one else can have. But just because you and your first love didn't work out doesn't mean there won't be another trying to fill that empty spot in your heart. Instead of wishing you had your first love back, notice the person who is trying their hardest to give you better than what you had before.
Does anyone else dream something and then it happening EXACTLY the way you dreamt it the next day?
Or is that just me?
I literally had a breakdown because
the iTunes app on my laptop didn't load fast enough for me.

If that doesn't explain how periods work then i don't know what does.
*In history class and my bag is on my friend's desk*

My Friend; " What is this on my desk?"
Me; " Your mom... Ohh!"
My friend; " Your mom jokes are so old."
Me; " Like your mom! Ohhhhhhh!"

It'scool to
 find bands that no one  really knowabout.
And when they become popular you
just feel like you discovered Jesus or something.

Have you ever noticed when you lose weight 
that all of your friends call you fat after you lost it all? Like they'll be saying, "Oh hey, you lost weight! You were fat." That's like saying, "Oh hey! You got married! You were a wh0re. Oh, this must be your husband. You must be good because she sampled the whole neighborhood.""

Parent Logic;
Me: *Sits in room*
Parents: "Go outside! All you do is sit inside all day!"
Me: *Goes outside*
Parents: "Come inside! You never stay at home anymore!"
I can never win..

Don't tell me yomiss me
When you're the reason why i'm gone..