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Quotes by randompanda

What do you do about a boyfriend who will force you to stop cutting when its hurt I him....but won't stop smoking for me when it breaks my heart?
Angel of death
As the blood runs down her wrist,
She says goodbye to a world that doesn't care~
is it wrong for a senior to date a freshmen? o.O
so this guy came up to me in class and told me he was afraid of me
i asked why and he said its because im too quiet
people tell me to stop complaining.... others have it so much worse... but i have it hard too
my brother called me the worst sister in the world....
i couldnt handle that
having no hope and talking to someone with no hope seem to be 2 completly different things...
AnimeCon 2013
I can finally do the knife song perfectally
I think I might be too happy about this .____.

If you don't know what the knife song is: