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Gahhh, I'm sorry guys, but I'm restarting Summer Love, I think:( Or doing a new one, idk ye:////
Chapter 5
"Look, I think we got off on the wrong foot the other day." Ethan said as our grandmothers walked in front of us on the boardwalk.
I wasn't entirely sure on why my grandmother and her best friend had their grandchildren tag along on their fun-filled day, but it hadn't been too bad as of now.
"How so?" I asked, short and to the point.
Ethan looked taken aback at the cold tone I had, and I actually felt bad for a slight second.
He didn't actually do anything wrong.
"Well, I can tell you for sure that you aren't too fond of me," he shrugged, scratching his neck.
I didn't answer, and we walked in silence for a few hundred yards.
"Look, if I came off as a total jerk, I'm sorry, honestly." he sincerely continued.
I bit the inside of my cheek, suddenly feeling bad for judging him so quickly.
He did have the courage to swallow his pride and apologize, without me pointing some he did wrong out
I felt a smiled twitch at my lips as I spoke.
"I'm sorry for giving such an attitude, also." I finally said, and Ethan looked over to me.
He smiled himself, and I noticed that his teeth were even whiter than the foam the waves made when they hit the shoreline.
I felt self conscious about my smile suddenly, but returned it to him.
"You have a really nice smile." he whispered lowly as he moved closer to me, his forearm brushing my shoulder.
I felt the area his skin touch mine get hot, strangely.
One minute I went from thinking he was a total jerk, to noticing how perfectly sculpted his jawline was.
It's strange how the mind of a teenager would work, even though I was now 21.
After a few minutes of silence as we still walked behind our grandmothers, Ethan spoke up.
"Do you wanna go over to the beach for a bit, just so we could do something instead of walk?" he blurted, his eyes floating over to the crowded beach.
I raised an eyebrow, looking ahead at where our grandmothers were, about 500 yards in front.
"And do what, exactly?" I asked, confused.
What difference would it be to walk on the beach or the boardwalk? Other than that we weren't just following our grandmothers around.
He shrugged, "Play volleyball, go in the ocean. It's up to you."
I felt a smirk tug at my lips.
"Not to brag, but I was the starting outside hitter all four college years." I nudged Ethan with my elbow.
"Well, looks like we should find a pair of opponents and see how true that is." he chuckled.
I rolled my eyes as we started our way towards the beach, checking our grandmothers for one last moment before leaving them.
"Alex, Greg, let's go." Ethan said, walking up to a few boys throwing a football on the shore.
I followed Ethan around like a lost puppy as we made our way over to the volleyball court.
"And who might this beautiful girl be?" A tall, tanned blonde said to me, a smug grin upon his face.
I raise an eyebrow, glancing over to Ethan as I cross my shoulders or my chest.
"Savannah, and she's mine." he replied, taking a step in front of me.
Mine? Where did that come from? I wasn't a piece of his property!
The blonde guy raised his hands up in defense and took a few steps back.
"Whoa, man, I didn't know you had that much game!" The other guy with light brown hair said, slapping Ethan on the shoulder.
I really don't know why I even agreed to come here, I have no idea what I was doing or who I am with!
I don't really even know Ethan!
Perhaps it was because I hadn't really hund out with anybody my age since the other day when I met Tara and all of her friends.
"Chill out, she's my partner. Come on, let's go." Ethan said, walking onto the now empty volleyball court.
I watched confused as the three boys set themselves up, and was too distracted to notice Ethan tossing me the volleyball.
"Let's see what you've got." he smirked, dumping the white ball in my hand.
I rolled my eyes at him, as I walked to the very back of the court, serving it with ease over the net.
The volley went on back and forth, spike after spike, for what felt like ten minutes.
"I got it!" I called out Ethan, going for the falling ball.
Quickly, before I could even react, Ethan dove right where I intended to go, and we both fell over each other, neither of us keeping the ball up.
"Ow," I mumbled, rubbing my head while sitting up on Ethan's laying body.
"You were right, you are pretty good." he chuckled from under me.
"Thanks," I replied, standing up, and helping Ethan himself get up.

I'm so sorry this story is sucking so far! And I haven't been posting. I've been super busy laterly:(
Chapter 4
"Nonna, do you know what you want?" I asked my grandmother as I looked up over my menu.
She tapped her chin for a few seconds as I looked around at the diner we were having breakfast in.
"French Toast." she finally replied, looking at me. 
Her thick Italian accent made the words close to being undecipherable by anybody.
I nodded and looked back into the menu to figure out what I wanted myself, just as our waiteress came back to our table.
"So, are you guys ready to order?" Our waitress, Diane, said as she placed our drinks infront of each of us.
I nodded, and so did my nonna.
"I'll take a shortstack of pancakes, and she'll have the french toast." I said to her, knowing there'd be no way she could understand with her accent.
Diane quickly jotted down our orders, before thanking us and asking for our menus.
"Thanks guys, I'll be back in a bit with your food." she said, placing the menus under her arm and walking away.
As we waited, my nonna asked me about school, and how I enjoyed it, and what my plans were now that it was over.
Since I was a major in interior designing now, there wasn't really much I could do but wait for the opportunity to come.
My mom did mention that one of her long-time friends' daughter and her husband are rebuilding their entire first floor and that she'd talk to them about it.
"So, who were we suppose to meet here again?" I asked my nonna, searching around the entire diner.
Her eyes twinkled as she smiled at me, "Mia amica, and her grandson." 
Before I even got the chance to react, a woman, about the same age as my nonna walked over to our table.
"Izzy!" she said, engulfing my nonna into a tight squeeze.
It was so cute knowing my grandmother had so many friends around here, and they acted the same way me and my best friend would act.
"Dee, this is my granddaughter, Savannah." she introduced me.
I smiled shyly, waving at the older woman in front of me.
"When you said she was a looker, I didn't think you meant she was drop dead gorgeous!" Dee said to my nonna.
I felt my cheeks heat up, I'd never been referred to as that before, it felt nice.
"Thank you," I said smally, as Dee took a seat next to my nonna.
"Ethan should be here in a bit, there was practically no parking in the lot!" Dee said, and I felt my stomach tighten up.
Her grandson couldn't be-
"Here're your keys, Gramma," the same tall brunette from the beach said, "Hey Isabelle." 
He flashed my nonna a smile, not even noticing my existence as of the moment.
"Ciao Ethan." she said, the crinkles next to her eyes showing as she smiled.
Ethan finally noticed me, and raised an eyebrow.
"Savannah?" he asked, his face actually looking pretty shocked.
"You two have already met?" Dee asked Ethan, placing a hand on his shoulder.
I scooted over in the booth, and Ethan took a seat beside me.
"We met at the beach the other day," I said, laughing halfheartedly.
Ethan nodded, and both of our grazes turned to our grandmothers.
"Well that's wonderful!" Dee said, and my nonna nodded in agreement.
"We were hoping you two would get along." My nonna struggled to say.
Get along. Yeah, that's the word.

Sorry it took a while!:P This week was a week off, but it ws still pretty busy!
Chapter 3
Next thing I knew, I found myself lost and confused on the boardwalk, trying to remember my way home
"Ooft, sorry," I mumbled as I bumped into somebody.
I was mentally praying it wasn't that Ethan guy from the beach earlier today.
That's just how most of these silly stories just played out.
Luckily for me, my prayers were answered, and I listened as a petite blonde girl spoke up.
"It's my fault, I wasn't paying attention." she replied, and I caught a glimpse of her.
She was the definition of a California girl: perfectly long blonde hair, eyes bluer than the ocean, skin that's tan year round, and the perfect body.
I suddenly felt a wave of insecurity come over me, knowing I looked nothing like her.
Like I said before, I didn't fit in here.
"I'm Tara, by the way," she continued, holding out a hand for me to shake.
I stared at in montarily, before I finally replied to her.
"I'm Savannah," I said with a smile, shaking her hand.
"I love that name!" she exclaimed, making a few people walking near us stare, but she didn't mind.
I didn't know this girl for more than a few minutes, and I already was insanely jealous.
"Thanks," I replied, shyly, to her.
"Oh my gosh, I love your top," she blurted, referring to my tank top.
I looked down, suddenly forgetting what shirt I was wearing, before looking back to her.
"Thanks, it's probably one of my favorites." I laughed, and so did Tara.
"Hey, me and my old roommates are having a party at my house Friday, kind of like a start of the summer party," she shrugged, "do you want to come?"
I thought for a moment, thinking if I had anything to do with my grandparents then.
"Sure, I'll come." I replied.
Tara smiled, and clapped her hands together.
"Awesome! Now come on, you have to meet the rest of my friends, they'll love you!" she said, nearly yanking my arm out of the socket back towards the beach.
A few moments later, Tara began walking towards a group of people at the volleyball courts.
I quickly scanned around for the jerk guy Ethan, and sighed in relief when I didn't spot him.
I don't know why I didn't want to see him, but I didn't, and that was it.
"Okay, Sav, this is Monica, Christina, and Rachel," she began, pointing at three girls just as perfect as she was, "and these are our guy friends, Cameron, Danny, and Jake." she finished.
All six of them waved at me, as they each individually introduce themselves.
"We all were in the same dorm building all throughout college," Monica said.
"I still can't believe we've already graduated," Christina said next.
Jake raised an eyebrow at me, "What about you?"
"I just graduated this year," I said with a small shrug.
Tara's eyes nearly lit up, like she was amazed with everything I mentioned about myself.
All the others had near the same looks. 
I think I was actually liking it here, so far.
"Which school?" Cameron asked to me.
"NYU, all the way back home," I said with a laugh.
Rachel's eyes widened, before she spoke up, "You came here all the way from New York?!"
I nodded, feeling all eyes on me, "I'm staying for the summer with my grandparents, since I don't really see them much." I shrugged, like it was nothing.
Danny grinned, "Well then, looks like we'll have to make your summer worth the ride." 

I know, it wasn't that long of a chapter, but it's Thanksgiving! So happy Thanksgiving to everybody! Hope you all enjoy your day, and your turkey!
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Chapter 2
*Three Months Earlier*
"Ciao, Nonna." I said to my grandmother, as I walked inside the house behind my grandfather.
She smiled at me, and threw her arms around me, enveloping me into a hug.
I still don't understand why my parents are sending me here for the entire summer.
A week, maybe a month, I could understand. But 3 months?!
I just graduated college, I could be using this summer to start searching for a a job based on my major.
Instead, I'm spending the summer with my grandparents who barely even know English.
Don't get me wrong, I love my grandparents to death. But I know I'll get tired of them before I leave.
"Vuoi il pranzo?" says my grandmother, squinting as the California sun flooded the house.

I shook my head, turning her offer down.
"I ate right before I left, and a little bit on the plane." I replied.
My grandmother's face lit up as she understood me, and I was pretty excited myself.
I'm not as fluent in her native Italian language, but I know close to what she does.
However, I prefer speaking English so she herself can start to understand.
"I'm going to go down to the beach." I informed my grandma.
She turned her attention to me, and nodded, "That's fine, sweetie."
She did speak English a lot, but it was pretty broken.
When she speaks for a while, she'd start in English, and gradually make her way to Italian.
It was one of the things I loved about my grandma.
I jogged up the steps, rummaging through my suitcases for a swim suit.
Once I finally found one, I quickly got changed and threw my other clothes over it, before running out the door.
Luckily, the beach was just down the street, so I didn't have to deal with driving around an unknown town and probably getting lost for hours.
As my feet hit the warm sand, I immediately slipped off my black flip flops and held them in my hand as I walked.
I couldn't even get over how blue the ocean was here.
Back home in New York, the beaches weren't nearly as beautiful as here in California.
And by the looks of it, the people were just as beautiful.
The perfectly chiseled bodies of the shirtless guys could make anybody drool.
The tiny hourglass figure that every girl in a bikini had made me want to stay covered up.
I don't fit in here at all, how on Earth can I stay here for three whole months?
"Ooft," I muttered out as I felt a soft, round ball hit my face as I turned forward.
Instantly, I flew backwards, staring at the ceiling as I contained my thoughts.
"Are you okay?" A voice chuckled from right above my head.
I squinted my eyes at the blinding sun as I sat up, blinking away the slight pain I had.
"I'm fine." I replied, to the brunette volleyball player that was beside me.
A smile curved on his lips, and he held a hand to help me up as he himself stood.
I ignored his offer, standing up perfectly fine on my own.
"Are you new here? I don't think I've seen you, and I was sure I knew everyone." the brunette grinned, and I fought the urge to gag.
"I'm here for the summer, then I'm leaving." I answered, turning my back to walk away.
I had a few seconds of silence, before I felt a pair of hands spin me back around.
"Wait, I didn't catch your name?" the brunette asked, and I rolled my eyes.
Typical. Just some other arrogant jerk trying to find somebody to have a "good time" with him.
Well, I hope he understands I'm not an idiot like the other b*mbos he's probably been with.
"Savannah. I've got to go." I said, thumbing over my shoulder.
The brunette nodded, before he himself replyed.
"I'm Ethan." he smirked, and I quickly turned around and walked away.
Mentally, i prayed he wouldn't stop me again. For what reason? I don't know.
It's not like this Ethan guy did anything wrong.
But just the way he looked made me know something was up with him.
I could probably guarentee he was a guy with a wealthy family who got him pretty much anything he pleased.
Well, maybe not guarentee, but I had a feeling.
And usually, they weren't wrong.

Chapter 2 is now up!:D Let me know if you want pictures of the characters and what they look like, I'll happily do that!
nah's Outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=63746699
Chapter 1
I bit my bottom lip as I grabbed another bunch of my shirts and placed them in my suitcase.
"This really sucks," he sighed, taking a seat on the guest bed I used the whole summer.
I nodded, deciding it was about time to take a break from the looks of it.
I had nearly the entire closet emptired, I just had the drawers, and almost everything else to pack.
"I'm really going to miss you, Ethan." I said, as we both laid down on the bed.
He nodded, pulling me as close to him as I could be.
"I'm going to miss you more, Sav." he winked, jokingly.
I smiled, letting out one of my world famous obnoxious laughs as he struggled to wink properly.
"Please don't do that ever again." I said through my laughing fit.
Ian kept a watchful eye on me, a smile not even fading from his face.
"Well if it makes you laugh, I might just do that more often." he grinned, sitting up straighter.
I followed his suit, and sat face-to-face with him.
"You're such a jerk, you know I hate my laugh." I said with a roll of my eyes.
Ian leaned forward, softly kissing my lips.
"But it's the little tiny things like that which made me fall in love with you." he stated.
"Or at least for the summer." I mumbled just before sighing.
Ian raised a single eyebrow at me, a trait I didn't get from either of my parents.
"There's no way this was some summer fling, Savannah. I love being with you, why stop?" he asked, his hazel eyes staring into my boring blue ones.
I caught myself counting the different shades of blues and greens I found in his eyes, before remembeing he asked a question.
"Maybe it's the fact that I live in New York, while you're here in California." I stated, and Ethan chuckled.
"It's not like some couples weren't further away then that." he replied, not budging.
In all honesty, I did agree with Ethan 100%. Trust me, I want to be with him.
I just don't want to end up getting hurt like I always do.
I'd dated people before, but I really was in love with Ethan and everything I knew about him.
I loved him for all of his perfections, and his few flaws.
But I knew he could easily find a prettier, funnier, nicer girl than me, no matter how much he says he loves me.
Trust me, it's happened mulitple times.
Ethan and I got back to work, loading up all of my suitcases into his car.
I was staying with my grandparents for the summer, so I didn't want to strain them by asking them to help.
They were 67 and 68 years old, keep in mind.
It may not be that old, but their bodies weren't as young as they thought.
"Bye Nonna, bye Nonno. I love you guys." I said to my fluently Italian grandparents.
My grandmother began speaking to me in half broken English, half Italian.
I glanced back at Ethan, before fluently replying.
I knew how much he loved listening to the way my grandparents and I communicated, it amazed him, actually.
"Come on, E." I smiled, interlocking our fingers and walking to his car.
The entire five minute ride to the airport, we continued our conversation from before, naming the ways we could keep in touch.
But as we got to the terminal, my mind changed.
"Ethan, maybe we should just wait until we see each other again to choose things. We could keep in touch, but I just don't want either of us getting hurt." I reluctantly said.
Ethan stared at me for a moment, his naturally tanned face scrunched together, before softening.
"I'd like that." he grinned, showing his perfect teeth off.
He started to speak as they announced the boarding of my plane on the terminal speaker.
"Call me when you land, so I know you're okay. Okay?" I nodded to Ethan once he finished speaking.
He sucked in a breath, looking around at the people scurrying all over.
When he turned back to me, he pulled me into the most passionate kiss of my life.
It had ever emotion I'd felt, and more, mixed into one.
"I love you, remember that." he breathed, before walking off.
I watched him smile and wave at me, before turning my back and boarding the plane.
As I took my seat, I grabbed my phone out of my pocket, turning the volume to silent, and plugging my headphones in.
I leaned my head back as we were about to take off, drifting to sleep to the face of my summer love.

Okay! New story!:D Hope y'all enjoy it! Leave all your feed back vvvv there!!!

Never Be the Same
Chapter 27: Kendra's POV

"Sam! Hurry up!" I called out, tapping my foot impatiently.
"2 more minutes and I promise I'll be down!" he shouted back to me from upstairs.
I rolled my eyes, looking over to Alana sitting at the table.
She smiled a fulled toothed grin to me before pushing her shoulder length brown curls out of her face.
"Mamma, can I have Cheerios?" she asked, swinging her legs back and forth.
I nodded to the five year old, and filled a bowl up of dry Cheerios her dress wouldn't be ruined.
Just as she started eating, Sam stepped into the room dressed in a formal, navy blue suit.
Dressed nearly exactly like him was Caleb, walking in a few feet behind Sam.
"He could find the shoes like mine." he shrugged as he bent down to fix the two year old's hair.
"Doesn't matter, we have to leave of Jamie may kill us for being late." I said, walking towards the door.
"Come on, A," I said to Alana as I held out my hand.
She took one last Cheerio and popped it in her mouth, before running in her flower girl dress over to me
Caleb was trailing just behind her, hoping to meet me at the door.
I smiled as I picked him up, and buckled him into the brand new carseat he got just last week.
Sam finished helping Alana buckle in at the same time, and we both fell into the front seats.
"Do you know where this place is?" I asked, and he nodded proudly.
"Checked before I left just in case." he grinned as he pulled out of the house.
I watched for a moment, before turning my attention to my lap at the ring on my finger.
In the past four and a half years, everything went, perfect.
Sam was able to graduate college one year early, which made it so much easier for me to finish the next.
Right after we were both graduated, we both agreed it'd probably be the best time for the two of us to start planning our wedding.
Nearly a year later, that's exactly what occurred.
Next came Caleb, who had just turned two on December 24th, Christmas Eve.
Everything was going great with my life now.
To think, without Sam, things would be totally didn't.
But now that I'm with him, things will never be the same, in a good way.

Yeah, I know, so short and stupid and dumb. But I just wanted to end it to start a new story:( It should be posted tonight!
Never Be the Same
Chapter 26: Kendra's POV

"What flavor cake?" I asked Jamie, holding up a box of Devil's Food mix and Yellow cake mix.
She tapped her chin, pointing at the Devil's Food mix.
"Use vanilla icing for it, also." she added with a grin.
I nodded, opening up the fridge for the ingredients I needed, then kicking the door shut, nearly knocking into Jamie as she finished blowing up birthday balloons.
"Are you sure you don't want me to tell the guys to come and help now?" Jamie asked, and I shook my head.
"If they come now, then so will Sam. And truthfully, I don't even want him coming." I stubbornly said.
Jamie rolled her eyes at me, sighing.
"Kendra, it's yours and his daughter's birthday today, just leave it for a day." she suggested, hopeful.
I shrugged, contemplating it as I poured the cake mix into the bowl.
"You've been ignoring him for over three months, it's unfair to him and Alana." Jamie continued.
Dana, who was walking in the same time that Jamie spoke, nodded.
"If you're talking about Sam, I agree. You gave me another chance, he deserves one too." she agreed.
I sighed, slouching into one of the barstools, "But you're my best friend, it's different."
"So?" Dana replied, quickly, "He loves you, and you love him." she shrugged.
Jamie and Dana both swiped a bit of cake batter from the bowl.
"You two are suppose to end up happily ever after." Jamie daydreamed as the doorbell rang.
I rolled my eyes to them as I lifted Alana off the floor as she struggled to stand.
I jogged over to the front door, expecting my aunt to be here early like she had planned to.
"Sam?" I asked, confused on why he was here three hours early.
He grinned widely as Alana squealed and held her arms out to him.
"Happy birthday, Princess!" he smiled as he kissed her forehead.
I bit my lip, and moved to the side, deciding it'd be much easier just allowing him inside.
As Sam trailed behind me into the kitchen, Jamie and Dana each gave me weird looks.
I widened my eyes, slightly shrugging my shoulders.
"Kendra," I heard him say, and I spun around quickly.
He placed Alana into the highchair that was positioned at the kitchen table.
"Can we talk, please?" he practically pleaded.
I felt all eyes on me as I ignored him momentarily to fill up cake pans with the batter.
I took my time making sure everything was perfectly even before placing them into the oven and turning a timer on.
I leaned against the counter, crossing my arms over my chest.
"Talk." I demanded him.
Sam sighed with the slightest bit of frustration as he scratched his head.
"I meant alone, maybe outside?" he suggested.
I stayed still as he opened up the glass sliding door in the kitchen that led to the backyard, before reluctantly following.
What exactly was the worst that could happen?

"Look, Kendra, I'm sorry for what happened, okay?" he began, and I sighed, hearing it before.
"I don't know what came over me. I just, I loved you, I mean, I still do, but I was still unsure you felt the same way, even though I knew you did." he continued, as I stood there emotionless.
There was no way I'd take Sam back after he pulled that stunt.
"That still doesn't make it okay," I stated, before closing my mouth once again.
Sam sighed, leaning against the outdoor table.
"I know, it doesn't. It really just sucks because I'd do anything to take back that. I miss Alana obviously, but I miss you especially." he replied, standing up straighter.
I crossed my arms, and looked to my right at my neighbors yard, where they looked like they were setting up for some big party.
I looked up at the storm cloud, extremely happy I decided to keep it inside, and the amount of people to a minimum.
"I really don't understand what exactly that's suppose to make me do, Sam." I snapped, annoyed.
It didn't matter that he was apologizing, he completely deserved to do that. 
But there was still no way I'd just take him back in a snap. He had to earn another chance, no matter how much I cared about him.
"Well, you could at least let me know how I could make this up to you. I'll admit it, yes, your best friend kissed me, and I didn't stop it. But I know that was wrong." he said calmly back.
"Then why did you do it?!" I shouted back, as I heard a single crack of thunder.
"I don't know, Kendra." he said back, hanging his head down low as a single drop of rain fell on his head.
I shifted my weight to the side, rolling my eyes in annoyance.
"I feel terrible, Ken." he said, his blue eyes looking up into my eyes.
For a moment, the sad, depressed look in his eyes made me feel the same way, but I soon got over that.
"That still doesn't fix what you did. You think I'll just forgive you like that, because you're apologizing." I growled back to him, just as the rain began to pour.
Sam and I both looked up, before turning our attention back at each other.
I thought about storming inside, then locking him out, but that would have just been wrong.
"No, I think you'd forgive me because you love me, and you know I never want to hurt y-" I cut him off before he could finish.
"But that's exactly what you did! You hurt me. You kissed my best friend, and that hurt me. If you know I love you, then why did you do that?" I asked, impatient.
"Because I'm such an idiot." he sighed, shaking his head, disappointed in himself.
"You really are, Sam! I just don't understand how-" and then it was Sam's turn to shut me up, by kissing me in the pouring rain.

Teehee, the end was to cheesy sounding c: comment what you think!
Never Be the Same
Chapter 25: Sam's POV

"Kendra," I began, feeling like completely sh*t, "Kendra, I-"
I walked closer to her, but she held her hands out, refusing for me to be near her.
I felt disgusted with myself. She definitely hated me now.
""Don't, f***ing touch me." she cut me off, and I took a step back.
I bit my lip, and looked over to Alana who turned her attention away from her Cheerios, to the two of us.
Jamie and the guys appeared in the doorway of the kitchen, and I didn't dare to look at Dana.
I already knew her eyes were also on us.
Kendra should know though, there was no way in hell I'd ever do something as shallow as that.
Dana is her best friend, she's the one who kissed me.
And I'll admit it, I'm a guy, and when a girl kisses me, it takes you a few seconds for things to register.
"Kendra, let me explain," I mumbled lowly, staring at her.
The stubborn side of her I knew too well came out, and she shook her head.
"You don't have to. I already saw." she said, completely fumed.
I let ot a quiet groan as Dana stayed quiet.
Why wasn't she apologizing? She's the one who should be more than I should.
She's the one betraying her best friend.
"Just both of you get out of my house." she demanded, pointing towards the front door.
Dana didn't take a second look at her before obeying her order and leaving.
I stood there, in shock that Kendra was actually kicking me out of our, or I guess her, house.
"Kendra, please, just let me tell you what hap-" I began, and she narrowed her eyes at me.
"Get out." she repeated, not even letting me speak.
"Kendra," I began again, trying to at least partially fill her in on what went on.
However, she  didn't even give me the chance to finish.
"Sam," she said, her voice beginning to crack.
I felt my heart break, and a ball formed in my throat. 
I felt like I was about to actually cry for the first time I can remember, right then and there.
I was losing Kendra, and that was the last thing I'd ever wanted.
I sighed, furiously running my fingers through my hair as I looked over to our friends.
They stared at me, completely confused on everything that was going on.
I turned around, giving Alana kiss on the top of her head.
"Daddy loves you, Princess." I smiled to her as I knelt to her level.
She smiled a toothless grin at me, but her eyes still looked sad.
She was just about a year old now, speaking words, and understanding ours.
She obviously knew her parents were fighting, and I don't think she enjoyed it.
"Daddy," she said, patting her hand on my cheek.
I grinned widely, and kissed her nose before standing up.
"I'm sorry, Kendra." I watched as she bit her lip, trying to keep her angry outer layer.
Kendra had to know I knew her like the back of my hand.
By the look on her face, she was contemplating whether or not she should stop me.
I waited a few, silent seconds, before finally leaving the house.

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Never Be the Same
Chapter 24: Kendra's POV

"Merry Christmas!" I beamed to Alana as she squealed happily, playing with the wrapping paper of her last present.
Sam readjusted her on his lap before kissing the top of her head.
Startled, Alana looked away from her current "toy," and up to him, their matching blue eyes meeting.
After a few seconds, she turned her attention over to me, almost as if she was able to sense the little bit of tension between Sam and I.
We still weren't living together, or together period, but we obviously wanted to both spend Christmas with our daughter.
So instead of being together as just the three of us, we had all of our friends tag along to what, for now, was mine and Alana's house.
Alana's little arms reached up as if she wanted to be lifted up as she looked over to Jamie.
She always had a bit of an attachment to both Jamie and Dana, which didn't really surprise me.
Jamie smiled at her, then lifted her from off of Sam's lap.
Sam stretched his legs out, then crawled under the tree as he spotted one last gift.
He raised an eyebrow as he pulled out a small box wrapped with golden wrapping paper.
I mentally slapped my forehead, that was the present I'd bought Sam, weeks before.
I'd be meaning to return it since the night of our big fight, but I never got around to doing that.
It was wrapped in the store, so i couldn't just deny that it was a present.
Sam grinned down as he read the label, then eyed me quietly.
I bit my bottom lip nervously, and looked over to Dana as he unwrapped it.
Everybody in the house grew silent, like something big was about to happen here.
Dana shrugged, giving me a reassuring look as I heard the wrapping paper crinkle into a ball.
"Wow," Sam muttered as he opened up the box.
He stared down in the box for a few seconds, before pulling out the personalized Rolex watch.
"You really didn't have to, Ken." he said, and I felt shivers go up and down my spine.
He definitely thought I was still in love with him.
Well, I mean, I obviously was, be we still weren't together, we didn't exchange gifts like we wanted to.
I shrugged, unable to tell him I really meant to return it.
"It wasn't anything, really." I forced a smile on my face as he slipped on the perfectly fitting watch.
Sam shook his head, looking down at the watch, then to me.
"No, really Ken, I love it." he genuinely smiled, just like the very first time I'd met him, at the coffeeshop.
He stood up, opening his arms for me to walk into.
I smiled and stood myself up, letting him envelop to two of us into a tight embrace.
"Almost as much as I love you, thank you" he continued huskily into my ear.
I felt like everything was back to normal again between us, or as normal as it could be.
Even though I was already in love with him, I fell in love with him all over again.
He pulled away, and reached for a babbling Alana before walking into the kitchen, probably to feed her.
I looked over to my friends, noticing how close Jamie was to Kyle, and how far Dana was from Sean.
I fell into the couch, raising an eyebrow at Dana.
She sat down beside me as she shrugged, "We broke up last night,"
I sighed, feeling completely stupid for inviting him. What if the two of them ended it badly?
Dana smiled, resting her hand on my shoulder.
"It's fine, we're fine." she stood up, "Want a glass of water?" 
I nodded, "Yes, please. Thanks," I grinned at my best friend as she walked off.
I relaxed myself into a comfortable position on the couch, satisfied with everything so far.
Things were as smooth as ever with my friends, Alana was growing up quickly and greatly, and Sam and I were back on good terms.
But I didn't know exactly what that meant for the two of us exactly, you know?
By telling me basically that he loved me still, did that mean we were back together?
Or did it mean we were still on our way?
I mean, when I went to my Aunt Lindsey for help, she happily said she'd help with money whenever it's needed.
Besides, Sam told me last week that he also got a promotion that paid enough for him to leave one of his other jobs.
I bit my lip as I stood up, reluctant if I should ask him or not.
But I did need to help make pancakes for everyone soon, so I needed to get into the kitchen sometime.
"Sam, I-" My words were cut off by nothing but shock.
My eyes widened, and my hand went to cover my dropped jaw.
I felt my pulse increase, and I felt like I was going to drop dead right then.
The vision of Sam and Dana making out in the kitchen was soon blurred away just a few seconds later by nothing but my tears.

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