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Never Be the Same
Chapter 14: Sam's POV

"Are you ready?" I asked Kendra the next morning.
She nodded vigorously, letting her blonde hair fall into her face, before walking out of the room.
A few seconds later, she walked out, dragging a suitcase the size of two of her behind her.
I glanced to Kyle, and we shrugged, as Sean snorted a laugh.
"Did I miss you saying that you're moving out?" Dana joked to her, laughing.
Kendra looked at the four of us puzzled, then down at her suitcase.
"I'm not moving," she informed her, "I'm just making sure I have enough to last me a week."
"More like a lifetime," I said lowly to the guys, before the three of us burst out laughing.
Kendra glared straight at me, and immediately we all stopped.
"I'll see you guys later," I said to the Sean the Kyle, then nodded at Dana.
I still didn't know what to think about her, from what it seemed she wasn't too excited of my presence.
Dana waved back, before engulfing Kendra in a tight hug.
"I'll miss you! Tell you aunt I said hello, also!" she exclaimed, and Kendra agreed.
"I'll call you later tonight!" she told her as I grabbed her suitcase and left the room.
The walk off campus was silent, just the three of us.
I started considering the baby a person, because in five months, it would be.
I personally was excited, and Kendra even knew that.
But there was so much to do in the little time we had left after school and work that I was afraid we wouldn't even have a room set up by then.
Personally, I was especially happy to be with Kendra.
Just her presence alone lights up the room, and she's constantly smiling and happy.
She was just a loveable person that anybody could fall for.
At first, I wanted the baby to be a boy, but as time started passing on, I've grown on the idea of a girl, in hopes she'd be an exact replica of Kendra.
From her eyes, to her fingernails, there wasn't a thing I'd come to dislike about her up to now.
I know we'll be together for a while, hopefully forever.
I guess I just got lucky, meeting her in the coffeeshop one day, and seeing her at a party the next.
It still is pretty weird to think that if this whole mess never had happened, we probably would have never spoken again.
But I can say for myself that I'm glad it had.

Yeah, this chapter is super short, but I kind of just wanted to add at least one Sam's pov, so you know what's going on in his head:D hope you like!
Never Be the Same
Chapter 14

"I'll be fine, Aunt Lindsey." I reassured into the phone.
My aunt let out a short laugh before she finally replied to me.
"I know you will, he seems like a good guy, sweetie." she said.
I tossed an extra sweatshirt in my suitcase, just in case, then walked back over to my closet.
"He really is," I said, grabbing a few pairs of shoes out of my closet.
My phone made a beep noise, letting me know I had another call as I threw the shoes on top of my clothes.
"I have another call, I'll talk to you tomorrow!" I insured, and we said our goodbyes.
I clicked over to the next line, "Hey Ken," Dana's voice chirped into the other line.
I laughed as I took a seat on my bed, right beside my suitcase.
I had just talked to Dana ten minutes ago in the kitchen, how far could she have gone to?
"Hi Dana," I said through my giggles, "what's up?"
"Come out and watch a movie with me, nobody else is here." I heard her pout.
I stifled another fit of laughter, and agreed to her.
We hung up, and I walked outside into the living room, where Dana was cuddled up on the couch.
She looked over to me, and flashed me a smile as she pat the area beside here.
I nodded as I walked into the kitchen, and grabbed two bottles of water from the fridge.
Once I was back where Dana was, I sat down as I handed her a water bottle.
It actually felt weird being with Dana, I had barely had any time with her.
Between both of our schoolwork, and our jobs, and the fact that I was preparing for everything with Sam now, everything was hectic.
"Where have you been?" she started, as if reading my mind, "I feel like it's been weeks since I'd even spoke to you, and you're across the hallway!" 
I laughed with a nod as I agreed with her remark, before taking a sip of water.
"I know, there's been no Dana Kendra time," i sighed, curling up my bottom lip.
Dana nodded, engulfing me into a tight squeeze.
"So, how's everything going, with Sam and all of that I mean," Dana brought up, as we tried to decide on a movie to watch.
I shrugged, glancing at the t.v. screen. There wasn't much to say.
"It's different, but things are running smooth so far. Thank God." I replied to her.
Dana nodded as I spoke, letting me know she was listening.
I knew she still wasn't to excited with the fact that I actually was dating Sam, which may be a factor to us not speaking in a while. But I really think she left that behind her.
She may not like him, and we all know it, but she deals with it all.
"What about you?" I asked, a sly grin on my face, "any more cute guys?" 
Dana looked over to me from the t.v. and raised one single eyebrow at me before replying.
"Well, there is one guy, but I just think he'd cute, that's it." she said, shrugging a shoulder.
I widened my eyes at her like she was crazy. Did she actually think she'd get away without telling me?
"Details?" I demanded with a smile.
Dana shook her head modestly, "it's nothing, I swear." she laughed it off.
But I didn't leave it there, I needed to know, now that it was brought up.
"Oh come on, just tell me! Maybe I could set you two up," I grinned, nudging her with my elbow.
Dana dug her hand into the bowl of popcorn in between the two of us, pulling out a handful.
"I don't think it'll work out, Ken. It'd make things weird, you know?" she sighed, tossing the popcorn in her mouth after speaking.
I giggled as she struggled to fit all of the popcorn in her mouth.
"Oh come on, it can't be that bad. Unless it's Kyle or Sean," I laughed, and Dana laughed nervously.
"No way, Dana. One of the boys?" I said in shock.
Before Dana even had the chance to open her mouth, the door of our dorm opened up, revealing both Sean and Kyle, along with a few guys.
"Hey girls," the each nodded at us, and we waved back.
"It's definitely Sean, isn't it?" I said quietly in her ear as the boys piled into the living room.
Dana locked her mouth shut, then threw away the key behind her.
I'm going to be taking that as a "yes."

Sorry I've been MIA for all week! School was s hectic! 
Anyway, what are your thoughts? Is Kendra right? Is it Sean?:O
Never Be the Same
Chapter 12

"Could you take this order? I have to ring this one up" I asked Jamie, and she nodded.
I made my way to the cash register, punching in the prices, and recieving money.
"Here you go," I smiled, handing the young guy his change.
He thanked me, grabbing his coffee cup and bag of donuts, before walking out the door.
This unusual random rush of customers had been going on for nearly twenty minutes now, it was crazy.
However, being on my feet for that long, rushing around non-stop didn't have the greatest effect.
My back was killing me, my legs felt like jell-o, and I guess the fact that I now had a partially visible belly weighing me down was also a factor.
Jamie walked over to the register, finishing up the order she'd finished, and I walked over to help the next customer.
"Can I hel-hey Sam!" I smiled, suddenly feeling better.
Sam grinned, hoisting himself up over the counter far enough to peck my lips, "Hey."
He walked around to the back side of the counter where Jamie and I were, giving room for the next customer.
"What are you doing here?" I asked, as I began the next order.
He shrugged, leaning against the coffee machine I was using at that point.
"I was going to see if you wanted to go eat on your break," he suggested.
I capped the to-go cup of espresso, and handed it to Jamie.
"I'd love to, but I actually have to be on break to do that. Seeing how many people are here, I don't think that'll be anytime soon." I sighed, and so did Sam.
Soon enough, his face lit up, probably with some kind of idea.
"I could help out," he paused as my head shot up to him, "I mean if you want." he shrugged.
"You don't have to, Sa-" Sam shook his head, before cutting me off.
"No, I want to. Besides, I could use a little extra work," he said, like it was nothing.
I smiled, opening my mouth to speak.
However, before I could object to him, he was already helping the next person in line.
I rolled my eyes playfully as he helped Jamie and I finally get through that whole rush.
"Thank you," I said to him, as I finally took a seat.
Sam smiled, shrugging his shoulders, "It really was nothing."
"Nothing? You probably helped get through close to fifty customers at once," Jamie said from behind us.
Sam shrugged sheepishly at Jamie, before turning back to me.
"I should really get going, I have class in twenty minutes," he started.
I nodded, slipping my hand around his waist as I gave him a kiss on his soft lips.
"And who might this be?" A voice asked from behind.
I quickly pulled away from Sam's grasp, and turned around to my manager, Dan. 
Oh great.
"I might be Sam, Kendra's boyfriend," he said with some spite, slinging his arm around my shoulder.
Oh great, looks like I'm going to be out of a job in a few seconds.
First Dan catches me locking lips with my boyfriend, and now he's giving him and attitude.
"Is that true?" Dan asked down to me, raising one of his eyebrows at me.
I bit my lip, glancing at Sam before reluctantly nodding.
Dan stared at me for a moment, his face scrunched together, and i prepared myself for my punishment.
You see, Dan was pretty strict when it came to having any distractions , it's disrespectful to the customers.
"Well, is there a possibility he'd like to start working here?" Dan continued, and I quickly shook my head.
"Thanks, but Sam's good. He's already workin-" I felt a pair of fingers cover my mouth.
"I'm up for it." Sam added in, before I could wiggle out of his grip.

Sorry for not posting more often! I will start now:)
Never Be the Same
Chapter 11

The next morning I woke up, and went along with my morning routine.
I took a quick shower, got changed and ready for the day ahead of me, all before 10:30.
I guess you could say I was an early bird, but I had my moments where I'd sleep until 12.
"Ugh," I groaned, as my stomach flipped, leaving the leftovers from last night in the toilet.
This is going to be something I do not miss one bit.
"Is everything okay?" I heard Sam ask curiously from behind.
I looked over at him, and gave a reassuring smile before nodding. I completely forgot he was even here.
"It's just morning sickness," I shrugged as I stood up.
Sam yawned, and scratched the top of his head groggily as he attempted to speak.
I raised an eyebrow, unsure of what language he was speaking exactly.
"Does that happen every morning?" he asked, shocked.
I nodded, and folded my arms over my chest as I leaned against the sink.
"And some afternoons, you get used to it." I said like it was nothing, which it pretty much was.
I guess it was like a new addition to my morning routine, just not by choice.
"Wow, I've never known about that." Sam said over his shoulder as he walked back into my bedroom.
He took a seat at the foot of the bed, and I made my way beside him.
"There's a lot of things you don't know." I laughed, and Sam snapped his head towards me.
"What's that suppose to mean?" he asked, his face seeping some hurt.
I threw away the urge to laugh at the look on his face as I replied.
"I meant with parenthood. We're both pretty new on the subject." I said with a grin.
Sam's face softened, and he threw his hands behind him, carefully placing his weight on them.
"Think about how much things are going to change. I still have no idea how we'll handle it." he said, looking straight ahead.
I sighed, slumping my shoulders.
"You and me both." I said back.
Sam sighed, rubbing the back of his neck as he let out another yawn.
"Where could we even keep a baby in these dorms?" Sam said, confused.
I shrugged. We couldn't have pets in our dorms, let alone your own child!
"We'll have to buy a house, and paint a room, and wow this is going to be a lot." Sam said, his eyes widening in worry.
"What about the apartment you have? Where you said you barely stay?" I asked, curious.
Sam sighed, shaking his head.
"No can do. My parents bought it for the once a year that they actually come visit me." he replied.
"So why don't you talk to them, they'll ave to understand." I suggested and Sam shook his head again.
"It's not that easy, Kendra.." he trailed off, and I rolled my eyes.
"Oh come on, it's not like they don't even know yet," I laughed, playfully shoving his shoulder.
Sam stared at me in silence, before he nervously laughed along with me.
"You didn't even tell your parents that you got somebody pregnant?!" I asked.
Sam looked at me, his green eyes glazing over, "That involves me actually talking to them," he grumbled
I looked at him for a while, thinking of how to reply to that.
"Look, it's complicated between me and my parents, okay?" he raised an eyebrow at me.
I shook my head. "No, you have to tell them."
"Kendra," Sam began.
I crossed my arms, and shook my head again, "No, Sam. You have to tell them."
He sighed, "I'll try," I smiled, letting out a little excited squeal, "No guarentees."

Whoa, this chapter was borrrring 
Never Be the Same
Chapter 10

"Where are you going dressed all cute?" Dana grinned, a bowl of popcorn in hand as I walked out of my room.
I bit my lip, i couldn't tell her I had a date with Sam, she'd think I was crazy!
But I also couldn't lie to my own best friend, that wasn't fair. She at least deserves to know sooner than later, right?
"I'm going to a movie," I said, walking past her, "with Sam." I continued, quietly.
I heard Dana couh once or twice, and I turned around to see her staring at me.
"Like a date? Kendra! I told you to be careful with him!" she protested.
"I am being careful! It's one date, we're not getting married or anything!" I said back.
Dana looked at me, raising an eyebrow.
She raised her hands in defeat, and I sighed as she took a seat on the couch.
"Alright, alright. Just don't come crying to me when he breaks your pretty heart." she said with a smile.
I jokingly rolled my eyes, slipping on my shoes.
"Don't worry, Dana. I'm a big girl." I reassured her as there was a knock on the door.
"Have fun! Don't be out too late!" Dana called out from the couch as I walked out of the dorm.
"So, where to first? Papa's Pizza, or the movies?" Sam asked, as we exited the campus.
"Hmm," I said as I tapped my chin.
Almost as if making up my mind for me, my stomach growled loudly.
"Looks like little Sam made up his mind." Sam chuckled as he glanced over at me.
I raised an eyebrow. His? How would he know our baby's going to be a boy?
I rested my hand on, what was the beginning of, my baby bump and looked over to Sam.
"What if he's a she?" I asked, fiddling with my seatbelt as Sam came to a hault at a red light.
"Then she'll be kiddie Kendra," he smiled, turning his attention back to the road as it turned green, "but I think we're going to have a boy." he continued, looking at me in the corner of his eye.
I looked back up at him, "What makes you say that?"
Sam shrugged, turning on his blinker to pull into the partially crowded parking lot of the pizzeria.
"I don't know, it's just a hunch I have." he said, pulling into one of the few open spots.
"Well, I hope your right," I said, stepping out of the car.
Sam did the same as me, slamming his door shut before he jogged to catch up.
"Why's that?" he asked, as we stepped onto the sidewalk leading to the front enterance.
I looked up at the cresent moon, then the stars, before looking back at Sam and shrugging.
"I dunno, I've just always wanted my first born to be a boy," Sam grinned, "besides, maybe he'll be as cute as his dad." I joked.
Sam stopped, and so did I. He grabbed my hand, and kissed my cheek before we walked into the pizza place together.
I bit my lip to hide my blushing as the waitress led us to our table.
I really think Dana was wrong about Sam, as was I.
Sure, he did leave at first, but he's really trying and proving that he wants this. And I truely think he does
He even had said it himself he'd never had a real family before, why would he lie about that?
No matter what Dana says, or I say back to her, I could see me and Sam in the future.
Well, obviously we'll be stuck together like a ball and chain, but mean together, as a couple, perhaps.
I mean, I obviously am not head over heels in love with him, or anything like that, but who knows.
My Aunt Lindsey always tells me that God works in funny ways, and everything will happen for a reason.
Maybe this little baby was God's way of bringing me and Sam together, in some weird way. You know what I mean, right?
"Hey Kendra?" Sam asked, as I dug into my mozzarella sticks.
I looked up at him over the stringy cheese between my mouth and the fried breaded cheese stick.
"Yeah Sam?" I asked after I swallowed my food.
Sam hung his mouth open for a second, working up the courage, before shaking his head.
"Nothing. It can wait." he said, not really minding.
I looked at him suspiciously for a few seconds, before digging back into the food.
What? Can't a pregnant girl be able to pig out without being frowned upon?
Not too long after, the two of us were finished, and completely stuffed to our limits.
"Ready to go?" Sam said, glancing down at the check.
I peeked over at the bill, and reached into my wallet to take out some money.
"Kendra, save it. I'm paying." Sam warned in a stern tone.
I opened my mouth to protest, but instead of starting an arguement, put the money away, and slumped down in my seat.
"I had fun, Sam." I smiled, trying my best to his my shivers.
Even though I was dressed like I was in New York in the winter, I was freezing.
I must have been catching a cold.
Sam smiled at me, interlocking our fingers, "Me too." he breathed onto my neck.
Shivers went down my spine, but it wasn't from the cold air brushing against my skin, I was actually warm at that moment.
"I'll call you when I'm on my way tomorrow?" Sam said, and I looked into the opened up dorm door.
It wasn't late, so I doubt anybody was home and would be home for hours.
Personally, I hated staying alone in the dorm. It was boring, and never failed at making me feel lonely.
"You can come inside, stay the night if you want." I said back to him.
Sam smiled, and nodded gently.
"I'd like that." he replied, before we walked inside.

So what's everybody's thoughts on Sam so far? Should she trust him? Or listen to her best friend?:O Comment your thoughts!
By the way, here's Kendra's outfit!: http://www.polyvore.com/kendras_outfit/set?id=59246996#stream_box 
Never Be the Same
Chapter 9

I was called into work for all day Friday night, which didn't really bother me much, seeing as I had an essay that I did not want to start waiting at my dorm.
The coffeeshop was actually much busier than it usually was, which was pretty good.
That meant I was on my feet most of the time actually doing something, which I preferred more than doing nothing like usual.
I also wasn't working a shift myself, Jamie was with me also.
"So, are you and him dating now?" she asked as she rung up a customer, referring to Sam and I.
I shrugged, it was weird I guess.
"We haven't gone on a date, or anything near that. But he treats me so perfectly." I daydreamed, before being brought back into reality with the ding of the cash register.
"Well, I think you two should. I heard him talking about you to some of his friends during Italian yesterday," Jamie winked, and I rolled my eyes.
"I think your baby's going to be pretty cute, I mean, look at him!" she continued with a giggle.
I smiled as I thought about that, before turning my attention back to the customer.
I memorized their order, and walked over to the coffee machine to fill it.
"I don't know still, Jamie. Dana said she had a pretty bad feeling about him." I said.
Jamie gave me a strange look, like I was crazy or something.
"I don't think Dana should be speaking for you. If you like him, go for it!" she encouraged.
I thought about it momentarily, before shrugging.
"I don't know, I'll see how it all goes," I said, and Jamie smiled.
"Hey! Kendra!" I heard a voice say, as the small rush of customers finally ended.
I turned around to Sam, and immediately I felt my mood rise.
I was still iffy with him, but then again, Jamie was right: Who is Dana to judge about him?
He is my baby's father, not hers.
"Hey Sam," i grinned, and he walked around and entered the back side of the counter, where Jamie and I were working.
"What the hell are you doing?" I whisper shouted at him, and he gave me a sheepish grin.
"Look, Kendra. I've been thinking, we're having a baby together, right?" he began.
I stared at him strangely. Has he missed the entire past two months?
"Well, either that, or I've been magically getting the stomach virus whenever I wake up and I've been gaining some weight." I laughed, resting my hand on my hip.
Sam smiled, and playfully rolled his bright blue eyes.
I stared at them, hyponotized. God, I really do hope our littly baby looks like him, or at least has his eyes
"Anyway, I think we should give us a try. I mean, we are stuck with each other whether we like it or not." he suggested, shrugging.
I glanced over to Jamie, who raised an eyebrow before giving me a thumbs up.
Sometimes, it was like she was a psycic or something. She always seemed to bring situations up randomly, and not too long after they happen.
"Sure, why not?" I replied to Sam, and his face instantly lit up like a bunch of Christmas trees.
"Really? This is awesome. Okay, I'll pick you up at 7 tomorrow, okay?" he said, excitedly.
I giggled shortly, and nodded, "I'll see you then."
He grined, repeating what I'd said, before giving me a long, hard kiss, and walking out.
I watched in complete awe as he left the coffeeshop, before turning to Jamie.
"Were you born with a sixth sense or something?" I laughed, and Jamie smiled.
She opened her mouth to speak, "Let's just say I have a talent when it comes to this." she winked.

Well, I hope you guys are liking this story so far:) 
Never Be the Same
Chapter 8

"Want to go get something to eat?" Sam suggested, as we got back into the car.
I shrugged, not caring. I ate just before, also.
"How about frozen yogurt?" he added, and my eyes lit up.
"Ohmygosh, yes! That's my favorite!" I squealed, and Sam laughed as he began to drive.
"Pinkberry, or Red Mango?" he inquired to me.
I tapped on my chin as I thought for a moments. "Red Mango!" I finally said.
Sam nodded, and made a right at the next light.
"Ladies first." he grinned, opening up the door of the shop.
I felt my cheeks flush, and I thanked him sheepishly as I walked inside.
"Order whatever you want," Sam said from behind me, as I stared at the menu, "it's on me."
He began pulling out his wallet, and I turned to him and shook my head.
"No way, I don't want to to spend money on me." I protested, and Sam sighed.
"Kendra, it's fine. Besides, I kind of owe you big time." he said lowly.
I rolled my eyes, and placed my hand on my hip as I shook my head.
Sam glared at me, before his face softened into a smile, "Okay, okay. You win." he gave in.
I smiled, and ordered my usual: a regular chocolate with strawberries and chocolate chips.
Sam ordered himself something similar, except instead of strawberries, he ordered every kind of candy there was to put on as a topping.
"Are you two together, or separate?" the woman behind the counter asked, as I opened my Coach wallet.
"Together," Sam said, at the same time I said the opposite.
I glared at him as he handed the lady a ten, and punched him lightly as she gave him the change.
"Ow, what was that for?" he asked, as we took a seat at a two-person table.
"I told you you didn't have to pay for me!" I told him.
"I know I didn't," he said, eating a scoop of his yogurt, "but I wanted to." he grinned.
I bit my lip, trying to hide the fact that I was blushing around Sam again.
I know Dana said I should be careful around him, and I knew that to begin with.
I didn't have the best impression about him after her just left the coffeeshop when I'd first told him.
But, from what it seems, he wasn't a bad guy at all.
"So, tell me about yourself." Sam said, with a grin.
I eyed him over my frozen yogurt cup, and raised an eyebrow.
"What do you mean?" I asked back, confused.
Sam chuckled, briefly, "I mean, we didn't really get to know each other before," he trailed off, "you know"
I nodded, twirling my plastic spoon under the tip of my index finger.
"That is true." I said with a shrug.
"Well, what's your family like?" Sam asked, leaning back slightly in his seat.
I bit on my bottom lip, still playing around with the spoon.
I don't think anybody here knows about my family, not even Dana.
I mean, it's not that they hadn't asked, I just didn't want any of them really knowing, you know?
It was a, tough subject, I guess you could say.
"My parents died when I was 3, in a car accident." I said, fighting back the urge to tear up.
It sucks, knowing that you never really got the chance to know your parents, and you'll never know them
Sam's face fell, and he opened his mouth, trying to find the right words to say.
"Kendra," he said softly, "I didn't know, I'm s-" I cut him off.
"It's fine, you don't have to apologize," I paused, "Anyway, since I was so young when it happened, I never got to know them, or my sister."
Sam stared, cueing me to continue.
"The three of them were on their way home from the hospital, when it happened. I've been living with my aunt ever since. At least until I came here." I said with a small smile at the last part.
Sam gave me a sympathatic look, then replaced it with a half-hearted grin.
"I guess you could say I never really had the taste of a real family too," I shrugged, slumping down in my seat.
I took the last bite of my frozen yogurt, noticing Sam was watching my every move.
"Well think about it," he began, his face starting to lighten up, "we both will now." 

Let me know how you guys are liking the story so far!
Never Be the Same
Chapter 7

"Hey baby mamma," Dana grinned, as I walked out of my room to the kitchen.
I rolled my eyes at her, opening up the fridge as pulling out the milk carton, which I learned was empty.
"Ugh, Sean, I told you to stop doing that!" I shouted at him, and he and Kyle snickered.
"I can't help it, you look so funny when you're mad." he managed to say through his laughing fit.
I flicked the top of his head as I walked past him, shutting both boys up.
I walked back over to the fridge, and pulled out the left over pancakes from yesterday and heated them up.
"When are those weird cravings for you going to start? I've always wanted to try chocolate dipped jalapanos." Kyle said, slurping the last of his cereal.
"Ew, dude, really?" Sean said, and Kyle shrugged, sheepishly.
"What? My mom said they tasted good." he replied.
Dana and I listened to the boys agrue back and forth for a few minutes, before I heard a knock on the door.
Dana gave me a look as I opened the door up to Sam.
"Ready to go?" he asked, raising and eyebrow up.
I laughed, and shook my head, pointing at the pajamas I still had on.
"Does it look like I'm ready?" I asked him, and Sam let out a long sigh as he rubbed his temples.
"I told you we had to be at the doctor's by 12, Kendra." he said, serious.
I playfully rolled my eyes at him, "Calm down, grandpa. I'll be ready in two minutes." I said as I walked away.
He shrugged, and walked into our dorm room, taking a seat at the table between the boys.
I heard the two of them talking, as I got changed into an outfit.
As I walked back out, Dana pulled me backwards into her room.
"I have to ask this. What's going on with you and Sam, now?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.
I shrugged, I really had no idea.
"Well, I just want you to be careful with him. i still don't entirely trust him, you know?" she said, strangely
I nodded, Dana couldn't possibly think I was that obvlivious.
"I know, Dana. He did leave me at first, I think it'll take a lot for me to trust him." I reassured, and Dana smiled, "but he will still be apart of this with me."
Dana sighed, before nodding. "Okay, I trust you," she said with a ear-to-ear smile.
I did the same, and squeezed my best friend tightly.
It was awesome, knowing I had somebody who had my back all the time.
"Are you ready now to get going?" Sam asked, as I walked past him and grabbed an apple.
I nodded, taking a big bite out of the Granny Smith, and Same stood up.
"Okay," he held out his hand, and I glanced over to Dana before reluctantly taking it, "Let's go." hi smiled
We walked through the hallways, making small talk until we were outside, and stopped at his car.
I fell into the passenger seat of the 2010 Ford Mustang, and Sam did the same into the driver's seat.
"Do you even know where this doctor's place is?" I said to Sam, as he pulled out of the parking spot.
Same gave me a playful smirk, and nodded.
"Of course, K," he reassured, glancing over towards me.
I shrugged, as made myself comfortable in the seat as Same drove.
The whole ride was no longer than 20 minutes with the massive amount of traffic we got near the beach.
Then again, it is Saturday. Everybody is probably on their way to the beach.
"Name, please?" the man behind the desk asked, looking up from his computer at us.
"Kendra Cossanto." I replied, and the man raised an eyebrow.
He looked back down at the computer, and gave me a thumbs up once he signed in my name.

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Never Be the Same
Chapter 6

I let out a frustrated sigh, and violently wiped at the tears dribbling down my face.
"It's going to be fine. I'll be right here, whether you like it or not." Sam encouraged.
He started rubbing the nape of my neck gently, and I let out a sigh, trying to calm myself down.
I crossed my legs, and leaned back on the sofa, relaxing my back.
"But I'm a freshman in college. I'm 18. I can't have a baby around." I said to him.
A small smile tugged at the corner of Sam's mouth, and he thumbed away a single tear.
"So what? I'm 19, and a freshman in college. Big whoop" he shrugged, and I gave a half-hearted smile.
"I think we'll be fine. But I think we should at least stick together, okay?" Sam suggested.
I looked up at him, reluctant to agree with him. But I still nodded.
"Pinky swear?" he said, holding up his hand.
I nodded, interlocking our pinkies, "Pinky swear." I replied.
Sam flashed me the same Hollywood smile he did when we'd first introduced ourselves.
He let out a long breath, and propped his feet up on the coffee table in front of the two of us.
"You know, I've always wanted a family." he blurted, his blue eyes looking into my green ones.
I raised an eyebrow, curious for him to continue.
"I mean, growing up, it was me and my parents. But they were never around, so I never got a taste of it all. Now I have a chance, and we could use this whole apartment, if you want, I mean." he ranted on and on about how I could stay here, and he'd come on weekends.
"Or we could stay together." I suggested, and Sam glanced over at me.
"What? You did say we've got to stick together, right?" I said.
Sam smiled without his teeth, and nodded, "Right."
I jumped as I heard the sound of a wolf howling, something I only thought happened in movies.
"I hear those all the time when I stay here." Sam shrugs, like it really is nothing.
I looked over to him, and nodded slowly. I should really be getting home soon, I'd been here for hours.
I glanced outside through the window, seeing how dark and dreary it looked.
I highly doubted Dana, Kyle, or Sean were up, they all had early classes tomorrow.
I thought I'd be home earlier, so I didn't think to bring my keys.
"Is it okay if I stay here tonight?" I asked Sam, and he nodded.
"That's fine. I just have a class at 10 tomorrow, so you could stay here if you want." he suggested, and I shook my head in disagreement.
"I have a 10 o'clock class also." I said, and Sam nodded, standing up.
"Then I think we should both go to sleep soon, right? Come on," he laughed, "I'll tuck you in."
We walked up stairs, into his bedroom.
"Look, I'm really sorry about this. I mean, if it wasn't for me being an idiot, this wouldn't be happenning." he randomly said, as I sat down.
I shrugged, "I don't think it'll be so bad." I laughed, catching a small smile on his face.
"G'night, Kendra." Sam said, walking towards the door.
I hear another wolf howl that made me jump. It sounded even closer than before.
"Wait, you're leaving?" I asked, and Sam turned around and nodded.
I bit my lip, glancing out the window as he spoke. "I'm going to sleep on the couch."
I shook my head, patting the spot beside me, "Can you stay with me, I'm scared." I said, truthfully.
Sam smiled, closing the door, leaving the two of us alone in the room.
He walked over to the other side of the bed, and slid in beside me.
We both looked for a comfortable position, and once we did, I felt his hand rest on my waist.
I'd deny it if you asked, but at that moment, I felt like we were a perfect family.
Just me, Sam, and our little baby.

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Never Be the Same
Chapter 5

Dana talked me into going down to the pharmacy and buying a test.
"That'll be $3," the young woman behind the cash register said to me, and I pulled out a $5 bill.
"Here, you can keep it." I reassured her, taking the bag, and quickly walking out of the store.
I pulled out my phone, calling Dana to tell her I was walking back now.
"Ooft," I mumbled as I bumped into somebody, "I'm sor-Sam?" 
Sam straightened his back, and wiped off his pants before giving me a sheepish smile.
"Oh, hey Kendra, I was actually looking for you." he started, and I began walking away from him.
"If you're going to apologize, don't." I said sternly, keeping my back to him.
I heard Sam sigh, before his hand reached my shoulder and he spun me around.
"Look, I shouldn't have just left like that. I jus-I didn't know what to do." he said, ashamed.
I rolled my eyes at him, resisting the urge to kick his leg.
I know I was being a bit over dramatic, but I had every right to be!
"You didn't know what to do?" I repeated, and he nodded.
I shook my head, annoyed, and turned to walk away.
There was no way I wanted him to be apart of this, anyway.
I should have known he was just a jerk, like the all the others.
"Kendra, come on, just give me another chance." I heard him say from behind me.
Another chance? I hadn't even given him a first chance!
It's not like we're even dating, or were for that matter. We were at a party, we did some things. That's it.
Who cares if there was a possible chance I'd be having his child?
Actually, that sounded completely stupid, of course I care about that. But that's besides the point.
I didn't know Sam, I didn't need him if in fact what I think was going to happen, will happen.
"I have to go." I said coldy, walking in the opposite direction from him.
A few minutes later, I was back on campus in my dorm on my way to our room.
"I'm back," I sang out to Dana as I walked back into the dorm rrom.
Today it was only me and Dana, like most Wednesday's; Sean and Kyle both had classes and practice.
"You got it? Go take it." she demanded, pointing towards the bathroom me and her shared.
I sighed, and walked inside.
"So, am I going to be an aunt?!" Dana shouted from the other side of the door.
I bit my lip, still looking down to where the little pink plus sign was basically taunting me.
"Congratulations." I said without emotion, as I opened the bathroom door.
At the look of my upset face, Dana yanked my arm into a tight hug.
"Oh, Ken. Don't worry, I'll be the babies father," Dana giggled, and I cracked a small grin.
Dana really was such an awesome friend. She was able to make me laugh at any time.
"But on a more serious note, you should let the real father know." she said, with an eyebrow raised.
I hadn't told her that Sam and I had a run-in on my way back to the dorm, there wasn't a need to.
I sighed, she was right. 
Though I may not be happy with Sam, and what he did, he deserves to know.
"Sam?" I said into the reciever, as he answered the phone.
"Everything okay, Ken?" he replied, and I felt my eyes begin to well up.
I felt horrible. Not for Sam, or me, but for our little baby.
Ever since Saturday, I'd done my best to ignore his exsistence.
Thinking about it now, though, there's no way I could do that for long, it wouldn't be fair.
"I'll be up there in two minutes." he said quickly, then hung up.
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