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Never Be the Same
Chapter 4

"Hey Ken." Dana said, as she walked into the coffeeshop.
I raised an eyebrow at her. Dana hated coffee more than anything, why was she here?
Besides, it was Saturday, she told me on Wednesday that she had a date set up then.
"What's up?" I asked as I cleared one of the tables free of the mess that was left.
Dana shrugged, taking a seat at one of the high-set tables near me.
"Nothing, I'm waiting for my date." she grinned, and I looked at her confused.
"Why here? You hate coffee." I stated.
Dana nodded and pointed at me like I was right on the money.
"I do! But I need to to approve of him, make sure that he's right for me, you know?" she asked, flipping her long brown curls over her shoulder.
I nodded, and placed the bucket of dirty utensils and dishes on the counter.
"I gotcha, Dane." I smiled, suddenly feeling uneasy.
I felt my knees wobble, and my stomach lurched as I went to sit down.
"Oh s//t." I mumbled, as I purged into the nearest garbage can.
I heard Dana freak out, as I tried to re-gain my cool composure.
"What the hell?!" Dana shouted as I suddenly felt a wave of nervousness fall over me.
"I need to go make a call." I said, pulling my cell phone out of my pocket.
I walked away, scrolling through my contacts for a specific name and number.
I waited as the line rang a few times, before somebody picked up on the other line.
"Hello?" I heard Sam's husky voice speak, and I bit my bottom lip.
I thought about hanging up at that moment, because I was afraid of what may happen.
"Hey, Sam? Can you come to the coffeeshop, I need to talk with you." I replied, reluctantly.
Really thinking about it, mine and Sam's "actions" a few weeks ago were kind of a spur of the moment, you get what I mean?
"Yeah, sure. I'll be there in a few" he said, and we hung up.
"So, what's wrong?" Dana asked as I walked back to her.
I took in a deep breath, and blinked back a few tears. This couldn't actually be happenning.
"I slept with Sam, and I think I may be pregnant." I said quietly, hanging my head.
I could feel Dana's eyes on me, and I knew her mouth had dropped in shock.
"What makes you think that?" she replied calmly, like it wasn't anything serious.
"Well, I was suppose to get my period on Monday, and it's never late." I began, "And I just threw up."
"And you haven't gotten it still?" I shook my head, "Oh my God." she finished.
Dana walked around the table to me, and gave me a tight squeeze.
Just seconds later, the bell on the front door sang, meaning somebody was here.
"So, what's up, Ken?" Sam asked, as relaxed as anybody could be.
I looked over to Dana, who nodded, and excused herself to go to the bathroom.
Sam accepted her seat once she was gone, and looked at me confused.
"Sam, when we, you know, did you use, you know?" I managed to partially sputter out.
Sam's blue eyes widened, turning from a bright, ocean blue, to a deep indigo.
"Oh s//t. Oh s//t. Oh s//t. You're not," he trailed off, and I shrugged.
"I don't know yet," I said, as he stood up, pacing back and forth.
He opened his mouth to say something, then paused, before he left the shop.
I watched in awe as he left, the sound of Dana's voice gripping me back to reality.
Sam had just walked away me and what could possibly be our child.
"That son of a b-I'm going to kill him." Dana growled, and I grabbed her arm.
"Leave him, he's not worth it." I said, my eyelids starting to brim with tears. 

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Never Be the Same
Chapter 3

"You're so beautiful," Sam whispered to me as he leaned his body against me.
The smell of alcohol filled into my lungs, but I couldn't have smelled any better than him.
I took the last sip of my drink, and looked into his blue eyes, which were almost completely dilated.
"Prove it," I slightly slurred, and a sly grin casted upon his face.
I wrapped my arms around his neck as he kissed me hard, his hands tightly on my waist.
He probably wouldn't remember this in the morning, and we barely knew each other, but it was an amazing feeling.
Suddenly, the feeling ended as he jerked his head away and looked to the side at his shoulder where somebody dropped their drink on.
"Let's go to my room, there's too much chaos here." he mumbled, and I nodded, following him around.
Not too long after, we reached a room, which was almost empty other than a bed, desk, and a tv.
"I don't stay here that much, so there's barely anything." Sam said, and I nodded, looking around.
"So, what do you want to do?" he continued, and I smirked.
I walked over to the bed he was sitting on, and immediately kissed his lips, wasting no time crawling on top of him.
I wasn't exactly sure what came over me at that moment in time.
I was drunk, but I wasn't wasted, where I couldn't control my actions.
I remembered everything just fine, and for some reason, I wanted Sam at that moment.
"Whoa," he chuckled, as I stripped him out of his shirt.
I caught myself looking at his sculpted body for sometime, in awe.
But Sam, though the two of us weren't dating, was built.
"You know, we don't have to do anything." he groaned, and I shook my head.
I didn't know what came over me when I replied.
"No, I want to." I said, and he smiled.
"Ugh," I grumbled, throwing my head in my hands as I walked to the counter at work.
"Looks like somebody partied to hard last night," one of my co-workers, Jamie, giggled.
I looked over at her, and shook my head.
"Not really, actually." I said, remembering the night before.
Jamie laughed again, and rolled her eyes playfully.
"Oh shut up, Kendra. I saw you and Sam having some fun." she replied with a wink.
My face lost it's color, she actually saw Sam and I, you know.
"You saw?" I said, my eyes widened with each word I said.
"Kendra, you two were sucking face in the middle of the living room." she reminded me.
A wave of relief came over me, and I smiled nervously at her.
"Oh, that." I replied with a small laugh.
Jamie looked at me intensely for a moment, before her eyes widened as well.
"No way, you and Sam didn't," she trailed off, hoping I'd gotten the point.
I shook my head at her, laughing like she was completely out of line.
"Yeah right, Jamie. You know I'm not that bad." I reassured her, and we both laughed.
She shrugged, shaking it off.
"I guess you're right," she smiled, as a customer walked up to the counter.
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Never Be the Same
Chapter 2

One of Kyle's friends from the football was having a party the next night, in his apartment right off of campus.
The four of us planned on going, of course. Who would turn the offer of a party down?
"Kendra, I have the perfect outfit for you." Dana said, bursting out from her room into the living room.
I looked over to Sean, who was trying his hardest not to laugh.
Dana and I may be roommates, and best friends, but we were certainly not alike.
Dana and I had completely different tastes in clothes, hobbies, and anything else you could think of.
I knew Dana had something I would not enjoy wearing planned out for me.
"What is it?" I asked.
Instead of replying, Dana grabbed my arm, and pulled me into her bedroom, where she had two outfits set out on her bed.
"Try it on," she smiled, shoving the clothes in my face before I could see them.
I sighed, and walked across the hall, into my own room.
I slipped into the mint shorts that were just a bit too small, and a crop top that was missing a whole half.
I walked back into Dana's room, where she was already changed, and doing her make up.
"Dana, this outfit will so not work." I said, glancing in her full-bodied mirror at myself.
Dana paused from her make-up application, and turned to face me.
"Oh shut up, you have a killer body, so you look pretty hot." she reassured, and I rolled my eyes.
However, I knew there was no way I was going to be winning in an arguement with her.
So it was best if I just gave in, and dealt with it.
"What about shoes?" I asked, and Dana smirked from behind her mirror.
She quickly finished another coat of mascara on her lashes, before bolting into her closet.
She came out just moments later with a pair of 6 inch black heels.
Was she kidding me?
"These don't go with my outfit, but they're my favorite pair of shoes, ever." she said, handing them to me.
I raised an eyebrow, and slipped the shoes on, feeling unsteady.
Well, this was going to be a fun night, wasn't it?
The instant I walked into the apartment, the beat of my heart was in sync with the music, literally.
I've been to dozens of parties before, and loved everyone of them. 
But I don't know. From that moment I walked in, I felt uneasy about the night ahead of me.
"You okay, Ken?" Sean asked in my ear, as I stood there like a deer in headlights.
I nodded, giving him a reassuring smile as we walked inside.
"Leave her be, Sean. It's wittle Kendra's first house party." Kyle teased as we each grabbed a drink.
I rolled my eyes, taking a long sip from the red plastic cup in my hand.
"You guys are such a//holes." I joked, just loud enough for them to be able to hear.
Kyle and Sean each shrugged, giving each other a high five.
"Finally you show up, Kyle!" A voice said from behind me.
I turned around, coming face-to-face with Sam, from the coffeeshop just yesterday.
"Sam?" I asked, completely confused. This was his party?
"Hey Kendra." he grinned, cooly, giving his head a quick nod towards the boys.
"Dude, let's go find Jessica and Amber." Sean said as he slapped Kyle's shoulder.
Kyle nodded at his friend, and the two left quicker than I could even follow.
"So, looks like you finished your essays." I joked to Sam as he re-filled his cup.
He shrugged, "I have a few hundred words left on each," he took a sip, "Want a re-fill?"
I looked down at my empty cup, and nodded as I handed it to him.
He loaded the plastic cup to the brim, before carefully handing it to me.
"Thanks," I sincerely said, before taking a sip to lessen the change of spillage.
This was going to be a pretty instresting night, now.

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Never Be the Same
Chapter 1

I let out a bored sigh, as I tapped my fingers impatiently on the counter.

Why is it that every time I have plans made, I'm mysteriously called into work?

I mean, my boss does promise me a little bit of extra money for coming in, just to help out, but still. 

I'm still 18, straight out of high school, and in my freshman year of college.
On the days me and my roommates are off from classes and work, we like to go out and do something.

But of course, with the luck I've had all my life, something always comes up, leaving me sitting in an empty coffeeshop, while Dana, Sean and Kyle all get to go out. Fun.

You'd think, being one of the few coffeeshops in the middle of town, a lot of people would be in and out of here. But no, not with the luck I have, as I said before.

I can honestly say, in my entire life, my luck really has been anything and everything but good.
Whether it was finding the right guy, or being the line leader in the fifth grade.

"Hello? Anybody there?" I heard an unfamiliar voice say, knocking me out of my trance.

I felt my body jump, and I regained my composure, noticing a customer waiting patiently.

"Oh, wow, I'm so sorry." I said, recognizing the person in front of me.

I wasn't sure exactly of what his name was, but I knew he was a pretty avid customer here. 

He looked about my age, with bright blue eyes that almost matched the California ocean, just down the road, light brown hair, with even lighter brown natural highlights.
To top it all off, he had perfectly tanned skin that just made all his features pop.
"It's nothing," he said, flashing me a Hollywood smile.
His teeth were the most perfect set I'd probably seen in my life.
He was definitely a brace-face when he was younger.
I stood up straighter, and smoothed out my shirt, suddenly feeling a bit self-conscious to be wearing my work clothes.
"So, what could I get for you?" I casually asked, turning away from him and towards the coffee machine.
I looked over to him as his mesmorizing blue orbs looked up at the menu board above me.
He tapped his chin as he read through it, thinking for a minute or two.
"I'll take a medium cup of coffee, extra light and sweet. To stay." he finally said.
I nodded to him, and turned my body fully away from him and got to work.
"Being stuck finishing up essays is not really the way a college student wants to spend a Friday, you know?" he chuckled, as I set the finished cup of coffee on the counter.
I nodded in agreement, ringing his order up into the cash register.
"Welcome to the club," I sighed, "I got called in last minute and had to cancel my plans for tonight." I finished with the ding of the cash register.
"That'll be $2.50 all together." I continued, glancing down at the screen, then up to him.
The guy nodded, holding up his index finger as he stuffed his hand into his pocket.
Once he finally got his wallet out, he took out a $5 bill, and handed it to me.
"Keep the change, Kendra." he said, and I wondered how he knew my name.
That is, until I remembered I was at work.
I looked down at my name tag quickly before accepting the money, and tossed it in the cash register.
"Thanks," I trailed off, embarassed. I didn't know his name, yet he already knew mine.
"Sam." he finished, running his fingers through his full hair, with yet another Hollywood smile showing.
"I'm Sam."

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Beautiful Disaster
Chapter 36 Part II: Taylor's POV

"There, your hair is done." Kerrie said to me, and I looked in the mirror at how perfectly she braided it.
It was a good thing I had Kerrie as a friend, I was never able to braid my own hair, even a simple one.
"You're the best, Ker." I said, before thanking her.
"It's no problem, but I really should at least teach you a three-stranded braid." she said, resting her hand on her very tiny baby bump.
Kerrie went for another appointment, just a few days ago, after she hit three months.
She learned that she'd already gained a good 15 pounds, which actually was good.
It was cute to see how excited she'd become, especially since her mom didn't kill her when she told her.
I raised an eyebrow at her, completely lost on what she was speaking about.
"A regular, everyday braid, Taylor." she finished, and I nodded, catching on.
I looked over past Kerrie at her wall clock, noticing the time.
"Okay, I should really get going," I said, pulling out my phone, and sending a text to Brett.
She smiled, and nodded. "I'll text you later! Have fun." she winked, and I rolled my eyes.
I gave her a squeeze, before I walked out the door.
I waited a few minutes until Brett texted me back, letting me know the back door was unlocked, and to just come inside.
I shrugged, stuffed my phone in my pocket before checking both ways and walking across the street.
I made my way to the backyard, and carefully opened the back door, closing it as quietly as I could behind me.
"Well she is, so maybe she could meet Taylor." I heard Jordan say, from the kitchen.
I didn't want to interrupt their conversation, so instead, I listened quietly as I walked into the living room.
"Did you finally tell her about your little marine plan?" I heard Jordan then ask, leaving me puzzled.
Marine plan? What did he mean by that?
"I'm telling her later on tonight." Brett replied, leaving my questions still unanswered.
"At least you decided to tell her now, and not when you leave for boot camp in June." Jordan added in, chuckling.
I heard Brett laugh briefly with him, before he spoke.
I didn't even hear what he had to say, though. Because before he said a word, I was out the door.
I ran around back, knowing I made enough of a comotion for somebody to come after me, and to the front yard.
Not even checking both ways, I ran across the street, to my car.
I know I was extremely stupid for running, but I didn't know what to do.
What would you do if you found out, unintentionally, that you're own boyfriend, who you love and adore, will be leaving you in a few months?
Well, usually, I'd find the nearest bathroom, and purge away all my pain.
But I couldn't do that in Brett's own house, I needed to go home for that!
I know I may be sounding extremely stupid for making it a big deal, but that's just exactly what I am.
Stupid. A wh//e. A liar. And most importantly, a fat b//ch.
Being called every one of those names came flooding back to me, and I thought not to even go back to Brett's house.
It's not like I deserved him anyway. He was popular, and handsome, and athletic, and perfect.
I was just, a mess.
I felt my eyes sting as the tears in my eyes hit my eye liner as I stopped at the red light.
I waited patiently, silently sobbing in the comfort of my car, until the light turned green.
I began driving, not even noticing the swerving car running through the red light.
That is, until it slammed into my side.
After that, I saw nothing but glass, rain, and red, and felt nothing but blackness, and pain.


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Beautiful Disaster
Chapter 36 Part I: Brett's POV

"What time should I come later?" Taylor asked, as the six of us left the diner.
I shrugged, "Anytime is fine with me." 
We reached both of our cars, at the same time as our friends.
"Okay, I'll call you when I'm on my way." Taylor said, and I nodded.
Frankly, I was not looking forward to later on, I knew there was no way it'd end well.
Taylor squeezed my hand, and smiled.
Our lips brushed briefly, before hearing the sound of a car horn.
"Let's go, Bretty, I have places to be!" Andrew called out, poking his head out of the front seat.
I rolled my eyes, cursing under my breath.
"I'll see you later, Brett." she said as she laughed.
I said goodbye, and watched momentarily as she walked across the parking lot to her car, before walking to mine.
"Get in the backseat." I directed Andrew, and he hopped back into the backseat.
Once he was situated, I opened the door, and fell into the car.
The entire car ride home, Andrew kept blabbering on about how cute Casey was, but I wasn't paying attention.
I was thinking of all the different ways I could actually tell Taylor what I needed to.
In fact, I was thinking so much, that I actually missed Ryan's block when I went to drop him off.
"Dude, let me know how it goes." Ryan said, as I finally pulled up to his house.
I sighed, slumping in the front seat as I put my car into park.
"If I actually have the balls to say it." I said, not looking over at him.
Ryan rested his hand on my shoulder.
"Chill out, Brett. Everything'll work out just fine." he reassured.
I sighed again, and sat straighter up in my seat.
"I hope so." I said, turning my head to Ryan.
Ryan half smiled, and opened up the passenger door.
"Don't worry, I know it will."
"Brett! Could you just take that pizza out of the oven!" My mom shouted from the shower, after the timer went off.
I pulled myself up off the couch, and made my way into the kitchen, as my cell phone buzzed in my pocket.
I pulled it out, seeing a text from Taylor telling me she was on her way.
I replied, letting her know the back door was unlocked, and to just come inside. I don't really think anybody would mind, hopefully.
I first turned off the timer, so the annoying beeping would finally stop, then set the pizza on the counter.
I looked around, making sure none of my sisters or Jordan were anywhere to be seen, and snuck a piece of pepperoni.
"Nice try, little bro. But I saw that." I heard Jordan say from behind me.
I turned around, to see him standing near the opening, a smirk on his face.
He walked right past me, and opened up the fridge, taking out a can of soda.
He walked back towards me, and took a piece of pepperoni himself.
"Did mom tell you that Riley is coming over too?" he asked, and I shook my head.
Riley was my brother's girlfriend of about four years.
He met her in his freshman year of highschool, when she was first here.
"Well she is, so maybe she could meet Taylor." he said, and I shrugged.
Jordan continued, "Did you finally tell her about your little marine plan?" he asked, and I shook my head.
"I'm telling her later on tonight." I replied, and he nodded.
"At least you decided to tell her now, and not when you leave fot boot camp in June." Jordan laughed half-hearted.
I nodded, chuckling with him.
"Yeah, good thing." I said, right before hearing a door close over.

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Beautiful Disaster
Chapter 36: Brett's POV

"Just grow a pair and tell her." Ryan encouraged, and Andrew nodded in agreement.
"Yeah, but what if she hates me after that?" I asked, somehow causing both of them to laugh.
"The day Taylor hates you, is the day I actually find a long term girlfriend." Andrew joked.
I rolled my eyes, and slumped in my seat slightly.
The three of us were meeting both Taylor and Kerrie, along with another one of their friends, Casey, at lunch today.
"Who knows, dude, Kerrie said this Casey girl is apparently a lot like you." Ryan said to Andrew.
Andrew scoffed, "That doesn't mean s//t." 
Ryan and I looked at each other, and shrugged.
"Whatever you say," I said, as I pulled into the parking lot of the diner.
Luckily, I found a parking spot, the third one down from being closest to the door.
After I parked, the three of us got out, and walked inside, where the three girls were waiting.
"Well, finally! And you guys say girls take forever." Taylor joked, poking my shoulder with her skinny finger.
"Actually, those words have never come out of my mouth." I said defensively as I grinned.
Taylor rolled her eyes, as we all walked inside.
"So," she said, as she slipped into her seat beside me, "what exactly did you have to tell me?" 
I smiled, as the rest of our friends sat down.
"I told you, I'll tell you later tonight when you come for dinner." I reassured, and she pouted in her seat.
I smiled, and kissed her plumped lips, instantly making her smile.
As I went to sit straight again, she grabbed my face, and kissed me again.
"I love you so much, Brett." she smiled, her creamy brown eyes staring into my green ones.
I felt so guilty at this moment, I couldn't help it.
I knew I loved Taylor more than I expected to love, well, anyone I'd date.
I knew I made her just as happy as she constantly made me, and I was going to shatter than when I tell her my plans for after graduation later tonight.
I was afraid she'd be upset I didn't tell her sooner, or because of what my choice was, and leave me.
But I didn't even want to imagine that happen. I mean, every person I'd come close to, left.
First my dad, then Dylan, I can't let Taylor slip through my fingers as well.
But she did just say it herself that she loves me, what would make her want to leave me then, am I right?
"I love you too, beautiful." I grinned.

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Beautiful Disaster
Chapter 35: Taylor's POV

"Where's Kerrie?" Ryan asked, in school.
I shrugged, slamming my locker shut as the boys stopped beside me.
"She told me she wasn't feeling great, and she'll probably come in later." I said.
Ryan looked nervous, he always did when it came to Kerrie now.
Ever since a few weeks back, when they scheduled an appointment to have the doctor confirm Kerrie's pregnant, he's constantly worrying.
Actually, the more I think about it, both of them were nervous nellies.
Ryan excused himself, and walked away, pulling out his phone as he did.
He was obviously calling Kerrie, making sure something wasn't wrong.
We all watched him walk for a second, before turning to face each other.
"You know, that's probably the third time he's called her since I've seen him this morning?" Andrew pointed out.
"Wow, that's a lot." I said, truthful, and both boys nodded in agreement.
"Dude, what ever happened between you and the Samantha girl?" Brett asked Andrew.
He shrugged, like it was nothing.
"Well, I liked her, and we dated for a few weeks, but then at Luc's party, I met Rachel." he replied.
I rolled my eyes, as Brett snorted. Typical Andrew.
"Well, if it ended pretty bad, I suggest you leave before she sees you." I grin, noticing Samantha's medium length fire engine red hair.
Andrew and Brett turned around, and Andrew turned back to me panicked.
"I'll see you guys later." he quickly said, before walking the opposite way.
Well, by the looks of it, I guess the two of them ended really bad.
Brett and I watched him turn the corner, disappearing, leaving the two of us alone.
"Did you have anything for breakfast this morning?" Brett asked, randomly.
The two of us both hadn't brought up the topic of my eating habits in a while, which I was fine with.
I mean, I would eat around him, just like I said I'd do, but once I got home, it would all come back up.
I felt horrible for breaking my word to him, in a way. He actually thought I was getting better.
Which I was, kind of.
I'd have small things to eat through out the day. Then, instead of purging after I was finished, I'd wait until the day ended.
I half smiled, I had an apple before I left.
Even though it's barely anything, it's still something.
"An apple." I said, truthfully, making Brett smile with his teeth.
"If you're lying to me, I'll feel like such an idiot for being so proud." he chuckled, pinching my shoulder.
I flinched, and glared at him in mock anger.
Truth was, i don't think I could ever find myself mad at Brett.
It was the day before winter break started, so Brett and I had been together for a little under half a year.
He truely did turn out the become my best friend. I literally went to him for everything.
I shook my head, confidently.
An even bigger smile reached Brett's lips, and he rested his hand on my cheek as he planted a soft kiss on my lips.
"I love you, do you know that?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.
"You've said that once or twice."

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Beautiful Disaster
Chapter 34: Taylor's POV

Brett and I waited patiently in my room, as Kerrie took her test in the bathroom.
"It's been like an hour, where's that chinese food?" Brett mumbled, glancing at his phone.
"Brett, I think what's going on right now is a little more important than chinese food." I stated.
"You know, most guys don't usually spend the day with their girlfriend, waiting for her best friend to take a pregnancy test." he said, shrugging.
I rolled my eyes, and opened my mouth to speak, just as the doorbell rung.
"Yes! Finally!" Brett cheered, before bolting out of the room and down the steps.
I laughed, following behind him into the hallway.
I watched from the top of the steps as Ryan walked passed him into the house. 
Kerrie must have finally called him after I told her to about twenty times.
I watched the boys for a moment as they began speaking, then knocked on the bathroom door.
"Ker, Ryan's here." I said, and heard the door unlock.
I waited a few seconds, and soon enough, the door creaked open, revealing a teary eyed Kerrie.
"Did you get the results?" I asked, nervously.
I probably already knew the answer, though, judging by her re-smeared mascara trail on her cheeks.
She nodded, closing her eyes and taking in a deep breath.
"It's positive." she managed to muster out through her tears, though her voice was cracking.
I didn't say a word. Instead, I engulfed my best friend into one of the tightest hugs I'd given her.
"Relax, Ker," I whispered, as she sobbed loudly.
I felt terrible for her, how couldn't I?
We're talking about my best friend having a baby, while still in her junior year.
Imagine her telling her mother? I wonder what she'd even say!
Knowing her mother as the strict, but slightly laid back, parent, along with her father, she'd be chained into her room for life. Away from her friends, school, and the rest of her family.
"What happened?" Ryan asked, his face alarmed as we both looked at him.
I looked over to Kerrie, forced an encouraging smile onto her face, letting me know it was fine for me to leave.
I gave her a funny glance, as if asking if she wanted me to stay, and she shook her head.
I shrugged, and walked out of the room, leaving the two of them alone.
"What happened?" Brett asked, as he bit into his wonton.
I grabbed the other half of the wonton, and stuffed it in my mouth.
"You tell me. She's crying, and now they're talking." I said, shrugging.
Brett's eyes widened slightly, "No way. It was positive?" he asked, surprised.
I nodded, thought I was surprised myself.
Kerrie had her entire life planned out from when we were 11 years old. 
So far, it'd been going as planned. She had visited Florida State, like she dreamed, and they had their eye on her with lacrosse.
But now, if the test was true, that all may go down the drain.
"But, switching to a less life changing subject," I laughed, before continuing, "what were you talking about before?" 
Brett turned towards me, and pointed to himself. "Me?"
I nodded, "Yes, you, Brett. You were saying something earlier before all this."
Brett tapped his chin, before his face lit up as he remembering.
"Oh yeah, that." he said, his mood seeming to drop.
"Look, Taylor, I don't think we should talk about it now. Too much stuff at one time."
I rolled my eyes, "Don't worry, Brett," I reassured, "I love you too." 

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Beautiful Disaster
Chapter 33: Taylor's POV

I stared at Kerrie, who's cheeks were covered in a mix of hot tears and mascara.
I knew something was really wrong, Kerrie barely ever cried, except for the time her Aunt Maddie died.
Brett threw his head back, and mumbled a few choice words under his breath.
I ignored him, he could wait, just a few more minutes to tell me what he had to say, right?
"What's up, Ker?" I asked, and she immediately enveloped me into a hug.
"I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have gotten mad at you, it was so stupid of me." she choked out through her tears.
I smiled, and accepted her apology, but that couldn't have been why she was so distressed. 
There had to be something else going on also, but maybe she only wanted me to know about it.
I gave Brett an apologetic look, and he nodded, grabbing the remote, and turning the t.v. on.
I pulled Kerrie up the steps, and we walked into my room together.
"Okay, what's really wrong, Ker?" I asked, as she sat on my bed.
I said next to her, and she laid her head on my shoulder, crying even harder.
"I'm such a mess up. I can't believe this happened." I listened as she went on and on about how terrible what she did was.
I thought something happened where she broke-up with Ryan. So when the truth came out, I was completely shocked.
"Taylor, I think I'm pregnant." she finally said, leaving me in shock.
No way. Kerrie, the athletic, ditzy, happy best friend I knew and loved, having a baby?
"Well, did you take a test?" I asked her as calm as I could.
She sat up straight, and shook her head as she rubbed her eyes.
"It's just, I hadn't gotten my period, and it's like a week late." she informed, and I nodded, taking it in.
"And, if you are, you know, it is Ryan's, right?" I asked, and she quickly nodded, "Does he know?" she shook her head.
I sucked in a breath, and pulled my cell phone out of my pocket, dialing a number.
"Taylor, please don't tell me you're calling him, you can't." I smiled, and shook my head at her, just as Brett answered.
"What's up, babe?" he asked simply, and I asked him to come upstairs.
He agreed, and came up a few seconds later, completely confused.
"Do me a favor?" I asked, and he nodded. I pulled a ten out of my pocket, "Go to the drug store and pick up a pregnancy test." I said, handing him the money.
Brett froze, and eyed me nervously, "Why would you need t-" I rolled my eyes.
"Not for me, dummy. For Kerrie." I replied, saying the last sentence must lower, hoping Kerrie wouldn't hear and get upset again.
He nodded, and left the house, leaving me and Kerrie alone for a few minutes.
we apologized to each other, promising it'll never happen again. Then we filled each other in on what had happened in the past week or two.
"Well, from what it looks like, I got pregnant," she murmured, and I gave her a tight hug, "but what about you?"
"Well, Brett was admitting his love for me before you barged in," I joked, giggling.
Kerrie's mouth dropped, "No way. See I told you that you two would fall in love," she winked.

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