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When your name flashes upon my phone

 \\\\\ I no longer feel alone. /////


Quotes by raspberryx

”No one is perfect.“
 Perfect does not mean beautiful, but beautiful does mean perfect. Everyone is beautiful. Everyone is perfect.



I just want someone to notice me.

am i like the only one who has no clue how to put my hair up in a messy bun? lol.

how to love yourself
1. jam out to your favorite music
2. eat anything you want
3. wear anything you want
4. don't listen to anyone else
5. tell your crush you like them
6. be yourself, fck everyone else girl.


we are only given two feet to stand tall, but we can learn to balance even when someone tries to trip us.

I've learned that those who depend heavily on society to come to them and make them feel better are dreamers and will destroy themselves. You musn't depend on other people to make your world, no one is perfect and no one knows what they are doing. Why rely on everyone else when you can be your own self? Stop waiting for that magic person that will suddenly walk up to you and ask to be friends, it likely won't happen. If you want a friend, make one somehow yourself. C'mon, you can do it. One life. One chance.

"you look so lovely when you smile"
looks are decieving: inside i am a monster.


 Don't ever bafraito byourself.

I think we humans cling to the idea of love because we don't want to live in the world hopelessly. We want to somehow find eternal happiness, and love is the closest thing to it.