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Quotes by rawr_ima_kitty

plot twist: Jersey Shore's about pale virgins who don't drink and never fight
Our Leeyum got his second kidney back!!
Laying next to you and not saying a thing would be perfectly fine with me.
It hurts me to know that you've ever cry.
I will walk through the dessert
I will walk down the aisle
I will swim all the oceans just to see you smile
Whatever it takes is fine.
I still look back on the days that i my life was the closest to perfect it would get. Back when all I did was hang out with my friends and have sleepovers about every weekend. Back when him and I were best friends and there was never a day that went by when we didn't talk. Everything was perfect. Why did it have to go?

I'm trying to talk my mom
into buying a

One Direction Anniversary
cake for monday

fck you fck you very very much cause we hate what you do and we hate your whole crew so please don't stay in touch
I miss the nights when we talked from when we got home from school to when we had to sleep. When your dad kept getting mad at you cause almost litterally all you did was talk to me and play xbox. When everyone wanted you to ask me out. When we would hang out and we just layed together. When little neighborhood kids could tell we liked each other. Can we go back?
don't post quotes to attract followers. post whatever you want and let followers come to you.
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