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Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur,

Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, pur pur pur .
'Who has a girlfriend?'
i have four boyfriends, does that count?


Sleepless nights,

Those nights where you just toss and turn in bed trying to get to

sleep, but your mind won't let you. So you just lie there and think.

You think about every single thing that is going on in your life. You

think of your friends, your family, you problems, your feelings and

your worries. Or maybe you just think about the things from 

the past. About the people who walked out on you, who

dissapeared on you, who broke your heart and who changed the

way you are.

In those moments where you can't fall asleep,

That's when you do all your thinking and you know what?..

..It's scary.

"You don't deserve to be depressed"
Oh so do some people deserve it? The aching for something, for anyone to care? The self hate? The constant wanting of something better? Are you saying that someone out there deserves that? Because i have been through He.ll and back, and out of everyone, No one deserves to be depressed. When people look at mea and say to me, "You've had a hard life, you don't deserve depression." That's like telling a cancer patient you don't deserve cancer. Does anyone? Who out there actually deserves it? You can give me the worst person in your life. Here i'll use mine. We all know my sob story that i call a life, We all know what my father did to us. He murdered my little sister and he did things to us, like sexually. He pretty much stole my virginity. But i look at him, the man who tortured me. The man who locked me in a box full of snakes. Theman that tried to kill me, the man who hunts me. But not even my father deserves something like depression. So i'm sorry for ranting, but it kills me when people say that i don't deserve it! Out of everyone, i do the most. Because i've done drugs, i am the reason some friends are dead, i drink even though i cant if i want to keep my son. I've messed up, but do i deserve a war in my mind? No, no one does.

This quote does not exist.

Happy Birthday to my Venus;
god of love,

Louis William Tomlinson.


Happily in a relationship with Liam Payne


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I really want a tattoo when I get into a serious relationship. Well, I want 4; an "L" behind my ear, an "O" on my heart, a "V" on my ring finger, and an "E" on my stomach. Now you're asking yourself, "Why then? Why not when you're 18?" and "Why those places?"

Well, I'll let you know my story behind each of those. First, the "L" will be a tattoo for when I think I love someone. Second, the "O" is for when I know I love someone. Third, the "V" for when I get engaged. Lastly, the "E" for when we create a new life from our love.

I will only know that he will be my true love when I get all those tattoos from only him.
This quote does not exist.
Once upon a time, I knew this girl for one night, me and her built a this little wooden boat, on a clear still night we set sail on this over a lake, we got in to the middle of the lake and both laid down next to each other, we looked up at the stars and we saw blue stars red stars and white stars, as soon as we sore the beauty of the starts, are hands seem to come in to contact with one another, holding each other and just like that we where more than friends, it’s like are souls touched each other , we cuddled up in the boat and put a blanket over us , we both fell asleep in love with each other, when I woke up she was gone... and the last thing I can remember is her green eyes.
I waited there for hours to see if she would come back, knowing deep in my heart that she would not, it was like it was a ghost that I fell in love with, as I road back in, the only thing I could think about is her beauty and sweetness, as I got out of the boat I looked down at the glass like water at my feet and there was it, the only green star flickering in the sky ,  I fell to my knees and just collapse in sadness, in to the water at this point I blacked out....
I woke up on the shoreline of the lake, cold, wet and confused, in my hand was a piece of paper saying, I am watching down on you... always my love, who put it here, maybe it was the girl, that girl of beauty, it couldn’t of been a dream could it? Surely not when i have a note in my hand, I went home and went to sleep so I could try and work out what was happening and remember last night, when I woke up it was gone 10pm and the stars where out.
I went outside, the stars where out and there to my amazement there was the green star, flickering brighter than I had ever seen, she had green eyes could it be a sign? it looked like it was pointing towards the lake, I needed to see if she was real, if it was a sign, I put my coat on and started to bike thru the woods as I got close to the shoreline, there was a bright milky white light and a lady sobbing, was it her???
It was, she had beautiful eyes that were like stars in the light, her hair was like a brown silk and she was perfect in every way, I knew she was the one form the first second I met her she was perfect in every way, she then told me that she could not stay and had to go, I burst in to tears as she started to walk but she left me with these words....
“See that star up there, as long as it keeps flickering, I will still love you”
And that was the last I ever saw of her, I am now 84 and every night I no, it’s a day closer till I meet the girl of my dreams ... once more and for ever more.