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I always catch myself wondering how everyone  around me would be if I went through with killing myself......

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Excuse My Stupidity,
but I actually thought you cared..


Sitting on witty at 1am
---------------------------- crying about a guy who could care less.


should i write a story on here?
fave for yes
2012 Survey

1. Lost any friends? yes most of them
2. Made any friends? Yes
3. Been backstabbed? hm. yes a lot.
4. Backstabbed someone else? yeah, i regret it
5. Fell for a friend? ...... yes

1. Had your heart broken? yes...
2. Broken a heart? Don't think so
3. Had a boyfriend/girlfriend? yes
4. Cheated/been cheated on? yup
5. Fallen for the "wrong person?" YES I AM STILL HOPING FOR HIM TO TURN INTO MR RIGHT

1. Low or high? lowwwww
2. Haven't self harmed since-? 3days...
3. Built up your confidence? I don't think
4. Your story? Um... Life can be confusing, just keep going.?

1. Your resolutions from 2012? i dont remember
2. Accomplished? probably not
3. Unsuccessful? probably
4. Resolutions for 2013? No. Freaking. Clue
10 Favorites
• Favorite Color: purple

Favorite food: poptarts
• Favorite Singer: ed sheeran

• Favorite Show: Dunno
• Favorite Sport:dance
• Favorite Season: summer
• Favorite Day of the Week: Friday
• Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate

• Favorite Time of Day: Midnight

9 currents
• Current Mood: Happy
• Current Taste: Nothing
• Current Clothes: Pj's
• Current Computer: Laptop
• Current Finger/Toenail Color: Nothing
• Current day: Tuesday
• Current Surroundings: Laptop and walls
• Current Annoyance(s):i ate all my poptarts
• Current Thought: I wish I had a faster laptop!

8 Firsts

• First Best Friend: Ashley

• First crush this school year: I'm leaving this blank
• First Screen Name: Dunno
• First Pet: Dog
• First Piercing: Ears
• First Thing You Did Today: Opened my christmas pressies
• First Thing You Ate Today: poptarts
• First School: enon

7 Lasts
• Last Food Consumption: poptart
• Last Car Ride: To my Auntie's hose to open pressies
• Last Text Message: lavon
• Last Movie Seen: Hunger Games
Last Item Bought: I have NO idea

Last CD Played: i dunno
• Last Website: Besides witty, facebook
6 Have You Evers

• Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Friends: yes
• Have You Ever Broken the Law: Not exactly
• Have You Ever Been Arrested: Nope
• Have You Ever Been on TV: Yeah
•Have You Ever Walked Into A Sliding Glass door: Yeah
• Have You Ever Sat On The Roof: everrrynight

5 Places You've Been To
- cali
- outerbanks
- myrtle beach
- new york

- maryland

4 Things
You're Wearing: Pj's
• You Did Last Night: Went out
• What Can You Hear Right Now: My friend talking to me on skype
• You Can't Live Without: Air

3 People You Can tell anything to


2 Choice
• 1. black or white: Black
• 2. hot or cold: Hot

1 Love

• A boy ?? ummmm ,. no comment .

WITTY!(: I am backkkkk(; 

yes i know i should hate you
i know you were wrong
but really baby i am just not that strong.

i am still in
 love with you


nmf nmq

sorry witty.i havent been on much, i will when i get a new laptop i promise

Hey i have a new profile..

check it out c; yuppppp <3 . kbye

nmf nmq