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hey (: its miNa. im not the girl to mess with. wanna know a few things about me? im unusual, odd, strange, love music, love converse, love hot topic, ect. ect.

yes, i love twilight and edward cullen.(:
got a problem with me? don't spread it around, say it to my

Quotes by rawrr_x

Be Different;;

be happy on [ m o n d a y s ]→wear mis-matching shoes→dance when nobody is looking→go to the mall, and don't buy anything→shop at walmart→[ smile ] for pictures→dress colorfully→high five boys→shake it like metro station→have fun with your friendsdon't gossip→say hi to random people.(:

dont cry because its over smile because it happened. -Dr. Suess
;;your mom.
      ohh..do you need some [ ice ] for that  b u r n ?
dance in the rain. sing in the hallway.
shake it like metro station. scream at the
top of your lungs. randomly talk to
people. eat candy until you wanna puke.
throw things at the screen at movie theaters.

make a new friend. freak people out. trip
over nothing. do the "mary poppin" foot
thingy. fall in mid air. push your friends
into random people. pass notes in class.

leave notes in random people's lockers
proclaiming your love for them. fall in
love with someone all over again. hug
your friends. give "special" hugs to your
"special" friends. smack a guy across the
face because you feel like it. defend
yourself. tell your parents you're glad to
have them. be crazy. jump high over little
rocks screaming, "i can conquer anything."
                [ j u s t   l i v e   i t   u p ]

           I am the kind of girl..
you want to hate. cant hate. love to hate. hate to love. your first girlfriend. first kiss. first love. first life. first ex. the girl you'll never forget♥

I pledge (( allegiance ))
to my chemical romance
of new jersey
and to the music
of which they play
one nation
under [ g e r a r d ]
with venom and vampiresfor [ all ]

mcr pledge(: comment, rate, hate, whatever.♥

    (( Pick Up Line #1 ))

girl, are you lost? because heaven is a long way away from [ here ]

              bottom line,
pick up lines dont work.

great [ g o o g a l i - m o o g a l i ]
   i love you ferocious beast,
you made my kindergarten days
   worth the whilee.♥


props to mariahh(: comment, rate, whateverr.

bratz dolls are making girls feel
[ i n s e c u r e ]
about their head size.♥

rate it(: comment, whatever.

your so [ F a K 3 ]
that you make [ barbie♥ ] look

by me(: rate it, comment, whatever.