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Hello my lovlies! I'm Ayla. I really don't like these, so I'm gonna get straight to the point...I blow out the candles on August 6th,I'm almost 15,Gonna be a sophmore,In the USA.Single.Talk to mehhhhh(:I like summer, frozen yogurt and the beach.I write. Novels and poems. I like to think that I'm pretty funny and give good advice!! I'm a total geek, and proud of it!! I also cheer, and love it(: But please, don't stereotype. Cuz I'm not like that. Anyway, I'm here for you. If you ever need me, for any/everything, chat me. Or shoot me anemail at rawrsaysthedino1@gmail.com.Please, don't be shy xoxo ;*stay smiling, no matter how hard it seems!! follow for a follow?

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I 'm not obsessed,
I just breath, think, live and freaking love Niall Horan♥


but lately her face seems
slowly sinking, wasting,
crumbling like pastries, 
and they scream, 
"the worst things in life come free to us"

~ed sheeran


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SOPHOMORE (sahf-ê-mor)  a student in their second year of high school, that has by now realized that they would much, MUCH prefer their sleep over pretty much anything else. Generally called "under classmen," which in no way indicates that they are any less awesome than the junior or senior class (but significantly more so than the freshman class.) Exhausted sophomores usually don't like anyone in the morning, especially when they have to walk to a bus stop in the dark.
           Comes from the Ancient Greek, not meaning "wise fools" as has been rumored, but meaning "no sleep and too much work."
               Urban myths have supposedly reported sophomores,, looking, acting and talking happily, but they have NOT been confirmed by a professional.
Approach any cheerful sophomores with caution.

With great power comes great responsibility.

My trip to the grocery store:
Me: Oreos!
Me: GUM.
Me: Popcorn!
Me: Sooooooooda!
Me: PEACHES!!!!!
Stranger: Uhm.....?
Grandmother: See, Ayla, this is why I don't take you out in public.....

fave if you've ever been personally
victemized by Regina George



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Why don't you love me?

Do you love me yet?

I’ve  changed  into  the  clothes  you  told  me  to.  

I’ve  worn  the  make-up  you  sold  me  too.  

I’ve  begged  and  screamed  and  threw  a  tantrum,  just  like  you  said.  

I’ve  stopped  eating,  so  I  can  be  skinny.  

I  gave  up  wanting  to  be  a  psycologist  and want to  become  a  model.   

Isn’t  that  what  you  wanted?  Another  cookie  cutter  clone?

I’ve done all you asked,  I’ve done all you said.

Did I pass?

Did I do it?


Do you love me yet?

ALL     MINE. <3

This is so freaking weird. School is over tomorrow, and I don't even feel it. This year-- freshman year-- has been so many firsts. So many lasts. So many thoughts, so many actions, so many fights, so much drama.

I just cant believe that it's over.

You don't know me. Don't pretend like you do, doll-face.