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HI! My name's Rachel! I love Justin Bieber sooo much!! I also like One Direction.
Jbxo97, mbieber316, and 1Dxo6049 are my best friends forever!
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Quotes by rbbieber

I'm sorry I get  jealous
sometimes and overreact. It's
only because there's a bigger 
chance of me losing you than
you losing me. 


Remember when you liked us?
Yeah, i remember that.

your epidermis is showing ;)

If you don't dream BIG, there's no use of dreaming
If you dont have faith, there's nothing worth believing.

-Justin Bieber


 My quote\format by RaeIsAwesome

Someday wen I have grandchildren, they will read news in internet and they will say grandmother, Justin Bieber died. Who is he?,  And I will go in my room and look for my things, my CDs. I will put them in the recorder and a tear will fall from my eyes. I’ll find the thousands of magazine clippings, all his photos, that piece of paper. That ticket which led to my happiness. I will watch his videos, his books. I’ll remember the day I met him, the day I saw his hair so long, his eyes, his smile, that voice. I’ll remember the first time I saw ONE TIME. The fights I had with people to defend him, all the Beliebers I met on the internet. I’ll remember Kidrauhl, the first time I went to of his concerts. The tears that spilled over. I will remember the first time I saw Never say Never 3D. I felt so close to him. The pride intact, that love, that passion, and each of his teachings. So many memories, so many dreams, hopes, so many emotions will come to me while the tears keep falling. My ears will remember the screams in the concert. My skin bristles. I will remember that NEVER SAY NEVER, RIGHT?  I will remember every sentence, his mistakes. At that time my grandchildren will come and ask me what happened. I will then smile and say: This man was the first I loved. He taught me that dreams come true, and that distance isn’t a problem to love without measure, friendship is more important , and the one who taught me to help people who need it most. As much as it hurts me, I’m happy, because he is in heaven, and for the first time he is surrounded by angels, angels like him.
I’ll look out my window and say:



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Believe in yourself
and your half way there.

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Do you have a band aid?

Beacause I grazed my knee

when I fell for you.

-Liam  Payne <3







When people see you lying down with your eyes closed,they still ask: "Are you sleeping?" No, i'm training to die.