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I had this account (along with bethanyrachel) when I was younger. I used this as a journal for my journey through self-harm and depression. I am here now, a freshman in college, to tell you that there is a person who loves you and who cares for you. Hurting yourself, or killing yourself, is not the answer you are looking for. I promise. 

Reach out to me. I don't get on often, but please. I want you to know someone is here.

A little about me, because who is going to trust someone they don't know anything about?

My name is Rachel. I am almost 19, a freshman at Liberty University in Virginia. I am an interdisciplinary studies major, which is a fancy way of saying I can create a custom major that is perfect for my career path of choice. I am studying American Sign Language, developmental psychology, and family and childhood development. 

My heart is taken, by a Navy Sailor.

I really, really, really, love Jesus.

Quotes by rbethanym

I just stole some of my mom's exato knife blades. I feel guilty. Not for stealing from her. But because I know I will want to take one to camp with me. And I want to try them all out at once.

This will not be a good night.
then she closed her eyes,
found relief in a knife;
the blood flows as she cries

I did it. I told my best friend.
She took it well. She had actually selfharmed in the past.
I am really proud of myself.
A little Very scared, but proud.
youre hanging on to the edge of a cliff,
and if you let go now,
it's going to take superhuman strength
to get back to the top.
"Tell your friends about witty!"

LOL, no.
3 days until my 3 month.

It was just supposed to be one cut.

Just one freaking cut.

How'd it turn to this?
i want to tell someone. i really, really want to tell someone. but i'm scared and i don't know how. what if they tell me im crazy? or what if they put me in a hospital? im reaching for recovery, but recovery is scary...
i havent cut in so long, i forgot what it felt like.

i just had to f.uck it up tonight.

i am so sick of being lied to.
while people are falling asleep,

im falling apart.
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