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fuck love......

lets write some quotes!

Quotes by rdv927

feeling guilty is the worst feeling...


what happens when he's your prince charming, and your not his Cinderella?

3 things I want in a relationship:

                eyes that won't cry,

                                lips that don't lie,

                                    and love that won't die.



never say you regret something because at one point its what you  wanted.

don't tell me your sorry cause your not,
                                                baby, when i know your only sorry


I hate love because I hate pain.


  he's just another picture to burn

break my face,  my back, my arms, my neck. But, don't break my heart. </3

If you meant everything you told me, then why did you let me go?

dear love,
        why do you have to make it hurt so much???

                                       every girl who had there heart broken.