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Okay so basically, read my stories if you want. But be warned neither of them are finished! I've decided I need to completely write an entire story before I start posting it because it is too hard to keep up with it and I always end up wishing I could change things. SO, Pindrop is a work in progress, I've been working on it since I stopped posting it in February. Twenty Questions, on the other hand, has been put on hold! Please don't unfollow me because by the end of the summer I promise to have finished and started posting Pindrop again. I know, I'd be annoyed too... But it's wicked hard with school going on so I'm sorry :(
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pin drop.

Chapter 2.

The doorbell rang. "Girls?" Reilly's mom called up to us, "your ride is here!" "Crap." Reilly said under her breath, she still hadn't decided which of the four outfits she wanted to wear. "C'mon you look great in that! Let's go!" Payge said, literally dragging Reilly out of the room.
We ran down the stairs, and Reilly said 'good bye' to her mom as we hurried out the door before she could say anything about our shorts being too short or our tops being too tight. Owen's dark green jeep was waiting on the curb in front of Reilly's house. As we got closer to the car, I noticed Caden in the passenger seat next to Owen.
Caden climbed into the back so we could pile in after him. I got into the car next, then Payge, and Reilly in the passenger seat. The backseat wasn't nessecarily made for three people so it was a little tight. I basically had to sit on Caden's lap; it's a good thing we're such close friends because that would be so awkward if we weren't.
The ride to the party was longer than it would be if it were anywhere else in town. Tabor's house is on the outskirts of town. His house is massive and his family owns a lot of the land out there. I don't really know anyone else who lives near their house, except for that Luke kid Payge was talking about. But there aren't many other houses on the street, just two or three smaller ones that I know of, so it's the perfect house for a party. Plus, Tabor's parents are in New York for the week, on some vacation they won through their work. 

Tabor asked us to come over a little earlier than everyone else so we could help him finish setting things up and then hang out a little before the night started. There wasn't much to set up except for coolers and chairs so we were done in no time. We sat around talking about summer and how schools starting soon, nothing major, until the sun started to set and people began pulling into Tabors long driveway.

short, I know... But I'm writing Chapter 3 right now.
hopefully it's a lot longer!

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Chapter 1.

i) We were going to a party tonight. It would probably be the last big one this summer, so obviously we had to go shopping, at least that’s what Reilly told us as she dragged us off to the mall. Payge and I didn’t plan on buying anything, but Reilly wanted us to try things on with her anyways.

We were in our fourth store of the day, and Payge and I were done trying things on. “Are you almost ready in there?” Payge called to Reilly. “Almost, I just have one last thing!” Payge and I exchanged a look. I shrugged my shoulders and decided to change the topic.

Payge and I weren’t really friends at the beginning of the summer, she was more of Reilly’s friend, but with countless trips to the mall like this one we became close pretty quickly. “Are a lot of people going tonight?” I asked Payge. “I don’t know… I mean it’s Tabor we’re talking about, he’d invite the entire school if he could.” I laughed, she was right. Tabor had a surprising amount of friends considering he only moved here in March. He’s surprisingly social…probably knows the entire school by now, and they all know him. There was no telling who he would invite to his end-of-the-summer-party.

“Oh! I almost forgot, have you met that new kid who moved in to town around the end of school?” Payge asked me. “No…I remember people talking about him though. Must’ve been a sucky summer. He didn’t know anyone, right?” “Don’t think so. But Tabor was telling me about him, I guess his family’s property backs up to the lake in the woods behind Tabor’s house so they hung out a couple times.” She explained. “What’s his name?” I asked. “Um, I think it was Luke or something. Tabor said he’s nice enough, not a freak or anything.” We laughed. “Hmm, I haven’t met anyone named Luke lately.”

I thought about it for a second. The only Luke I ever knew wasn’t a Luke, but a Lukas. He was my neighbor when I was little. We were inseparable and we did everything together; then Reilly moved in across the street and she did everything with the two of us as well. When we were around eight years old his family moved away, and it become just Reilly and me. I had forgotten about Lukas for a while. I use to think he was special because he got to move and I had to stay in the same place.

“Me either. I wonder what he looks like.” She said, thinking. “And I wonder what he did the days you and Tabor were together.” I joked; Payge and Tabor have been an unofficial thing since early July. “I’m just curious.” She said mock-innocently.

“What do you think!?” Reilly asked eagerly. “So cute.” “Love it.” Payge and I answered. Reilly smiled. “Okay, I’m getting it.” She said. “Well hurry up! We’re going to run out of time to get ready!” Payge ushered. I laughed, we still had a good three hours until the party.

going to try and do a chapter a week if i get some type of feedback

pin drop.


 “…The importance of online safety cannot be stressed enough in this day and age; we want…” I tuned out the sweaty man on stage as his voice echoed throughout the crowded auditorium. I pulled my phone out of my uniform pocket and turned the brightness down so none of the teachers would notice; not that they really cared. This was assembly was just as dull and boring as the last. No one paid attention at these things, they were such a waste of time-- I mean, I’m not complaining. I don’t mind getting out of class, but this is almost worse. Every time we have an assembly in here, it gets so hot. I swear the custodian secretly turns the heat up just to make us miserable.

My thoughts were interrupted when I saw the person next to me tense up. I assumed there was a teacher looking around, so I slid my phone in between the seat and my leg before scanning the auditorium to see whom it was. None of the teachers were paying any attention to me though; they were looking at something at the back of the room, probably just some idiot getting into trouble. I was about to take my phone back out when it occurred to me that the man on stage had stopped speaking; it was too early for the assembly to be over already, wasn’t it? I shifted my gaze up to the podium.

The man was still standing there but he looked like a deer in headlights, and now he was sweating more than ever. His eyes were locked on the back of the room. I glanced around the huge space one more time, going more slowly. The people around me seemed to be making the same realization as me. My palms were getting sweaty, what the hell was going on. No one was talking anymore; they could probably feel the tension in the room as much as I could. It was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop.

I wanted to know what was happening, and I could if I were just to turn around. But I didn’t, because I think I was scared of what I might see. It was almost like my brain was telling me that if I didn’t know what it was then it couldn’t be real.

I sat there tense, trying to convince myself to turn around, even just for a second, for what seemed like hours. It was probably only seconds, but it seemed like hours. Just like whatever was behind me was probably no big deal, even though it seemed like something bad. With that, I took a breath and slowly turned around in my seat.

The second I saw what it was I let out a little gasp- of relief. I had broken the silence and that caused a few heads to snap in my direction, but it didn’t matter. I looked at the guy in the doorway and started to smile, it was only Lucas, and he was just a little late for the assembly. I don’t see what the big deal was.

And then I saw it. My face went slack; any sign of a smile gone. My eyes had drifted to Lucas’ arms. They were stiffly pointed out in front of him. In one of his hands, he held a solid, black gun.

story? yes or no?

Twenty Questions

Chapter 12

 part one
We ran for a little while but i just wanted to stop.
carter had my hand and was running a little in front of me.
he was the only reason i didnt plant my feet into the ground, sit down and cry.
i was still upset. but i kept moving for carter.
he kept looking back to make sure no one was chasing us i guess, but at this point i didnt care.
i mean i was scared and i still am but im just exhausted. and its not even from the running.
i was all caught up in my thoughts when carter slowed us down and turned to me, his hands were holding my shoulders gently, nothing like how andrew did.
his lips were moving, i could see it out of the corner of my eye, but i was looking at the ground and i wasnt listening to him.
he lifted my face up and i winced when he touched the side that andrew had slapped.
my eyes filled with tears, but i didnt cry.
carter looked at me with some emotion in his eyes but i couldnt put my finger on what it was, or maybe i was just too tired to.
he looked at me like that for what seemed like forever but was probably only a couple seconds.
"Brielle, i knew i shouldn't have brought you and i'm...well, im sorry." he said, his voice was thick with regret and concern. I just nodded a little to show i understood.
he looked at me a little longer, the silence between us wasnt uncomfortable.
it was one of those good kinds.
"brielle," he said watching me, "are you okay?"
i was just tired and i just wanted to cry. i wanted to go home. with my family, in the house i grew up in.
but i didnt know how to explain that to carter.
he knows the me that lived with him. the one that knows everything that happened to my family.
i didnt know what to say to him and there was so much going on in my mind.
i took a step towards carter and threw my arms around him.
i pressed my face into his chest and cried. his arms enclosed around me and i could feel him kissing the top of my head. we just stood there like that for a while; me crying and carter comforting me.
after id gotten a good cry out, i pulled my face away and looked up at him. i used my sleeves to swipe the tears off my face.
"what about you? are you okay?" i asked him.
"i'm fine, as long as youre safe." he smiled.
i felt myself blushing and sniffled. 
i knew he was lying, his face looked like it hurt. his lip was bloody and there was already a little bit of a bruise forming from where andrew had punched him. but i wasnt going to ruin the moment. i just smile and got up on my toes so i could peck him on the side of his lips that wasnt cut.
carter smiled. "let's go," he said holding my hand in his.

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la dee daa writing as much as i can today because i owe anyone who is still reading like 10 chapters.
thanks for reading!!!!

Twenty Questions

Chapter 10

 part one
(italicized words means Brielle is remembering what Carter told her)
At that point in the story we were arriving at the coffe shop and Carter had to sum it all up by telling me that the man jumped after him because he thought Carter had the gem or whatever it was he took from him. But the man wasn't fast enough and lost Carter in the crowd below. 
After that eventful day Carter stayed in touch with my father and Rikki. He said they became like a second family to him. 
Carter said that the reason he was on the bus was because my father had called him up the night before. Carter said he sounded troubled and he made him promise he would take care of his family, me in particular.
Aparently he had other friends that I didnt know about who were watching over the rest of my family that day. 
He didn't have the chance to tell me why my family was being protected on the day of the accident or where they were because we were running late as we showed up at the-

I was brought back to reality by a crash from the back room.
"No way in hell, Andrew. Forget it!" Carter was yelling as he came through the doorway.
I jumped up from the chair.
"What was that about?" I asked him.
"Come on, we're leaving." He said, ignoring my question.
The way he said it was the only thing that kept me from pressing on. I figured he'd have plenty of time to fill me in on the walk back. We started walking towards the door when a boy who I supposed was Andrew, came out of the backroom. 
"Hey there Brielle, leaving so quickly?"
"Yea. We are leaving. Now." Carter answered.
"I was talking to Brielle. Not you." He said to Carter, then turned to me, "I heard you were having some trouble remembering a few things." He said.
"Uh...yea...a little more than a few." I said uncertain of where this was going.
"Do you remember anything?" he asked walking over to the counter.
I was hesitant to answer because Carter seemed so tense.
"Well...Some stuff but only because of certain things that triggered it."
"Things like what? Places? People? Because we could go into the office back there... That might bring back some memories for you." He suggested and I could tell there was some underlying thought to that sentence but I, of course had no idea what he meant by it. 
"The only thing that's triggered anything was when Carter and I kissed so... yea." I replied, ignoring the comment about the office.
He still hadn't taken his eyes off me since he came into the room and it was freaking me out.
He walked toward me with a smirk on his face.
"Well then, maybe I can help too." Andrew said.
He was only a few feet away and I was frozen...Not sure if I should move or not. But then Carter stepped in between the two of us.
"Andrew. I said forget it." Carter warned.
I was thankful to have his eyes off of me for a minute. But it didnt last long. He went to step around Carter but before he could come any closer, Carter grabbed him and shoved him backwards.
Some chairs clattered off the table he fell onto. But Andrew got up and dusted himself off.
"Whatever you say Carter." he said as he turned to go back.
Carter looked relieved and started to turn back towards me just as Andrew caught him off gaurd and punched him in the face.
I gasped and stepped back towards the wall, afraid he'd come after me next.
Carter got back up and the two started to fight, I didnt know what to do.
But before I knew it Carter was down. I expected him to get back up but he didn't. He was laying helpless on the ground.
Andrew kicked him in the stomach one last time before turning to me.

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okay i'm sorry for not writing forever! literally didnt write the whole summer and i was going to stop with the story but i reread it from the begining today and so i had to at least write this chapter.
and for anyone who's still reading this...
thanks for reading!!!!

Twenty Questions


 august 31, 2012
okay so i gave up on this story. im sorry but i got annoyed cuz i was so so busy so i started trying to write it on my phone and i wrote the next chapter like 3 times but every time something got screwed up and it wouldnt load and everything would get lost. so this story is over. for now at least. if i ever write another story on here i'm gonna write it on word from start to finish before posting it because i wish i could change things that i wrote and like the names and stuff. but yea for now this story is done. but thanks for reading however much you did read <3

Twenty Questions


 may 30, 2012
hello my dear readers!
;) this week is like finals and other crap like that.
that means more time to write for you lovely people.
i have had a project to do everynight this week so i've been busy and up til like 1 and 2 in the morning.
please forgive me for the lack of writing this past month or two.
i swear i am trying my best!
and i love yea...
lol jk but you guys are awesome and keep on faving!
feedback is also strongly encouraged, so feel free to leave comments!
you may be rewearded with a character...
no promises, cuz i still have dos people to use (Irene and Kira), but once again, i'll try my best!
love y'all!

thanks for reading