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Okay so basically, read my stories if you want. But be warned neither of them are finished! I've decided I need to completely write an entire story before I start posting it because it is too hard to keep up with it and I always end up wishing I could change things. SO, Pindrop is a work in progress, I've been working on it since I stopped posting it in February. Twenty Questions, on the other hand, has been put on hold! Please don't unfollow me because by the end of the summer I promise to have finished and started posting Pindrop again. I know, I'd be annoyed too... But it's wicked hard with school going on so I'm sorry :(
Some things that I like...
music, imagine dragons, florida georgia line, guys who sing, nice people, funny people, reading, running, art, food, my dog, family, friends, boston bruins, red sox, pats, celtics, revolution, lacrosse players, hockey players, one direction (most of the time), summer, cape cod, sailing, being happy, getting new clothes, TatumZoeMarykateSarah, being proud, nail polish, action movies, funny movies, romantic movies, the vampire diaries, teen wolf, pretty little liars, liam hemsworth, the hunger games, the impossible, inspirational things, clever things, being noticed (in a good way), red dawn (the new one), lying game, instagram, vine, rollercoasters, rainstorms, sunny days, ocean, martha's vineyard, vineyard vines, bob's, marshalls, tjmaxx, my initials, helping someone feel better, shoes, getting things done, seeing people get along or work together, finishing a book, drawing a picture, feeling good about myself
Some things that I don't like....
seafood, asparugus, idiots, jerks, mean people, unfairness, algebra, my bio teacher, kids bop, the word moist, weird food, spicy food, biographies, projects, deadlines, getting yelled at, dissapointing people, messing up, required learning (i'd rather learn interesting things not stupid things), bad smells, scary things, jelly fish, when people are sad, when people are mad, when people dont feel good, when people hurt themselves, sad movies (i watch them anyways), scary movies, death, chores, drama queens, dangerous animals, how i can't talk right sometimes, public speaking, working hard on something for nothing, sleeping (it wastes so much time), waking up, school, uniforms, being left out, feeling insecure, golf, baseball (sometimes), creepy crawly things, things that poop where they shouldn't (fox and mice), sound of a dentist cleaning your teeth, shots, getting blood taken, basically needles..., people who complain alot

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