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I'm fifteen, and I've always wanted to be a writer. I don't know if I'm any good or not, but I wanted to put my story on witty, so you guys could give me some feedback? I would really apreciate it. 
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Better Together

After 2 weeks, Tiffany was head over heels for Robin. She swore she was in love, after only knowing him for 2 weeks. I wasn't close with Tiffany, but I had a couple of classes with her. I mostly knew her through my best friend Cassie. Cassie and Tiffany were good friends. Therefore, I knew Tiffany enough to never underestimate her feelings for Robin. Honestly, back then- I didn't think Robin was attractive at all, not a lot of people did. He was nice, but being a nice person never got anyone far in this town. Everybody is judged on looks, that's how it's always been. I've always hated that about our town, it should be a person's personality that matters, but that's not how it works. I was being hypocritical though, I was judging Robin on his looks- along with everyone else. I guess I just liked plain guys. Guys that were cute, but not exceptionally attractive. I guess that's how you could have described my boyfriend at the time, Max Rogers.Plain. He looked plain, and his personality was plain as well. He was sweet, with a kind heart, but there was no spark about him. Nothing different. I met Max in camp, I had been going out with him for about a month when school started. Before I started liking him, I knew him as the guy who liked Cassie last year. Last year, I never would have thought that the Max that liked Cassie would end up being my first real boyfriend. Before Max, I had one "boyfriend", Grant. Grant Nelson had been my good friend for a while, we started seeing each other in person less and less, but we still texted everyday. At the time, I was so happy that Grant asked me out, even though we didn't really "go out" at all. Our "relationship" consisted of flirty texts, and occasional awkward phone calls. Grand and I lasted less than 2 weeks, which came as no suprise to me. I wanted my relationship with Max to be better than that. I liked Max, but I wasn't in love with him or anything. He gave me butterflies, but not that fairytale feeling I had heard about. That feeling that you get when you know that there is someone just as in love with you as you are with them. I desperately craved that. I wanted love. I wanted to be swept off my feet.

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Better Together

A friendly smile, unfarmiliar face, a name I didn't recognize. Leo Richardson. I knew it right then, that he was different. He was a splash of color in my world of black and white. Everything about him was unique. His name, his face, his hair, his clothes. He stood out. "Rebecca Valente, you're sitting in the back, with Robin Fernandez!" my new science teacher, Mr. Douglass ordered, pointing to two lab tables in the back. When I saw Robin, the first thing I noticed was his long, wild hair. Nobody in our school had long hair like that. From that day on, I always considered Robin's hair to be the thing that set him apart. His one physical feature that made him different from everyone else in this town. Two new kids, two different backrounds, they both stood out, they were each unique, that's what would make each of them so hard to forget. 
Robin and I talked that first day of school. He was easy to talk to, friendly, and really funny. He told me about his old town, & about how much he missed his old friends.
"It's so different here." he would say. The thing he didn't realize, was just how much this town would change him...

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