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Quotes by redneck_gurl_1

I don't care if it hurts,
*~I wanna have control.
*~I wanna perfect body,
I wanna perfect soul...
i got voices in my head
tellen me i should be dead
im screamen go away
but there demonic voices wont fade
there tellen me to do it
if im so fucken suicidle then proove it

i din't know what to put it under
u-g-l-y you aint got no alibi
m-a-m-a how you think you got that way yo mama ya ya yo mama
old and kinda
every time i laugh
i feel like crying
and every time i see you
i feel like dieing
i call pain ur name
is my love really that fucken vain
where i cant say ur name
with out feeling pain?
have you ever stoped to think how muck ur killing me inside
how many times i've wished that i've died
but now your to late
this is the last fucken breath im gonna take...
im just peices of a girl i used to be
too many bitter tears runnen doen on me
im just a shadow of a girl i used to be
it seems theres no way out for me