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heey(: im eaden, fourteen years old. a friend showed me this website last year&&ever since then, ive  fallen in love wiith it.. i don't really know what else too wright... 
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A day keeps the
Pain away

He told me that he loveme,
Yet he said we can't be together.

Day 3, 8 ways to win my heart
1. Call me beautiful instead of hot
2. Be truthful
3. Comfort me when I'm upset
4. Always be there for me
5. Be trustworthy
6. Wipe my tears
7. Cuddling is key
8. Love me

Day 2, 9 things about myself
1. 14 years old
2. 2 siblings
3. Divorced parents
4. Favorite color: pink
5. Tend to fall for guys to easily
6. Hyper
7. Outspoken
8. Been hurt by 99% of people who are in my life or once were in my life
9. Live for the moment kind of person

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Only if it worked in real life.
When a guy says
" i love you "
Does he really know what it means..?

We Never Really Ended,
We Kind Of Just
Fell Apart.

2 months ago I gave up cutting... But, today I just couldn't take life anymore. So as I felt the tears running down my flushed cheeks I took a razor to my skin and dug it in so deep that my entire body went numb. As the blood covered my arm I dropped the razor to the floor and just let my mind race. I let everything in my world crashed and burned right before my eyes and I didn't do anything about it. I just stood there and let it all turn to ash. Now all I have left are the memories of what was and what could have been.

Venting.. </3

It's sad when
"Daddy's little girl."
"Daddy's little punching bag."

She finally gave up...
She dropped her fake smile,
Let a tear roll down her face...
And said to her self,

I can't do this anymore.