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Because i like how you raise your left hand a little before your shot on and how you can just wake up and look incredible and how you hate pictures but when your smilenis real its the best thing ive ever seen and how nice it issitting in parking lots in your car when its raining and how you light up when a good song comes on and how you walk with your hands in your pockets and how you make fun of me but doont hit me when i bring up beating you in states (nov5) and your glasses are my personal favorite but i mostly think it's hearing 'GOOD' and my name from u on the sidelines at the play day at unh because its really nice to have someone believe in you who matters
That last kiss, that's the one I wish I made last a second longer.
Forgetting isn't an option.
I always go back to when I got home from field hockey that night. I had showered, it was probably close to 10:30 and I was finishing up making my sister and I some dinner. I had eaten a few bites when I saw her face light up on my phone. I dropped my fork, stood up, grabbed a plum and walked directly out the front door. I took that call. I was hungry from the 3 hours I had just played, but I wanted to hear that voice that makes me melt more than I wanted my meal. I sat on my front steps, biting into my plum, and proceeded to talk to the most breathe taking girl for the next half hour. Just me, on the hood of my car, looking at the perfect sky, eating a plum. That's summertime.
I don't want to move on because no one else could ever make me happier than she does.
Sometimes I just slip and call her beautiful and she doesn't know what to do
At the movies with we were looking at each other laughing at one point earlier in the movie and she took her snapback off and put it on my head and we laughed even harder and i just think of that smile and how good it feels to wear my snap back now it just takes me back and makes me feel that moment even for that first spilt second I rest it on my head.
In the beginning, I honestly never thought it'd be you. I didn't know that everything changed the minute I started talking to you on the sidelines. I wish I could watch us meeting, and just watch my face light up when you said you played my team in the fall, and when you said you remembered who I was from the game.
If you love someone, you tell them. Even if you're scared that it's not the right thing, even if you're scared that it'll cause problems, even if you're scared that it'll burn your life to the ground, you say it and you say it loud.
The amount of quality letters I have written to her over the past month is sad because I'm never going to be strong enough to show them to her.