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Quotes by remmiws

just when i like someone new
i see all or at leats a few
of is quirks
and it reminds me of how much
i really do love you
friends say im crazy
maybe insane
after all the pain
that you have put me through
they cant see why i am coming
back for you

I love you
I blame you for taking her over me
I blame you for loving her
I blame you for my broken heart
I blame you for not giving me a chance
I blame you for the ways i have changed
I blame me for not taking you before...
A long time ago i found a penny heads up and made a wish
my wish was for the perfect guy to appear
up until this day i always thought that wish hadnt come true until i saw you and realized that you have been there
for me since i made that wish
i love you
I know I <3 you because
even after everything you have
put me through
i still find that im coming
back for you!
everyone wonders why i love you
when they say i could do so much better
But whats better than the guy who can easily make me laugh,
than the guy i can never stay mad at for long
than the guy who brings me up when i am down
than the guy who makes me feel wonderful
so the next time someone wonders why i love you...
is that girl that you say you love?
did she win your love
does she have that i dont
is she the one you love
did i let you break my heart
before we even went out?
we were best friends
or so i thought
but now you've left me here to rot


dedicated to Aaron Dufour, who doesn't understand
yea, people have told me there are other fish on the sea
but then of them will love you as much as me!
compete against yourself not others