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hi i'm sahs & i'm hoennchampionshipping trash. 

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Quotes by requiem

tell me  ✧  there's a  river  i could  SWIM  that will  [bring]  you  ▹  back to me.
+++      THIS IS goodbye
when i [ leave ] tonight //
i carry your HEART in mine   

let  our love   shine bright
i don't need you back
i don't need you back
i don't need you back
i don't want you back
++  i'm calling you up
you tell me "it's over"
but it's hard when you're young ///
we used to ride the train,
read each other's brain,
i used to know you better than anyone else
“plus que ma propre vie
  »  this means—
          more than my own life
   &   that's how much  I LOVE YOU
“i went through hell, but it lead me right to you. and i'd do it again, you know. i'd endure it over and over again, if it kept bringing me back to you.”

BECAUSE OUR                      
                    LOVE WILL LIGHT                
the way
you make it look easy
changing  my life    ♥ 
♥       while you were sleeping i figured out everything 
i was constructed for you, & you were moulded for me
now i feel your name, coursing through my veins         }}
you shine so bright it's insane, you put the sun to shame