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things i like: summer, smoothies, instagram, dogs, swimming, tans, the beach, mean girls, teen moms, one directions, carrots, pizza, food, zoos, adventure, laughter, family, friends, quotes, taylor swift, movies, sleepovers, titanic, demi lovato, boys, mushy romance movies, chick flicks, photography, writing, deams, larry stylinson, disney world, travelling, chinese food, buffets, six flags, talking, the internet, birthdays, christmas, snow, love, friendship, lights poxlietner, music, fashion, panda bears, snapbacks and honest people.
Things i don't like: people who think their better than anyone else, bullying, unnecsesary drama, the new disney, smoking, animal abuse, jerks, birds, hate, school, winter, talking with your mouth full, directionators, and judgement.  
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This is the first quote

I've made in almost

a year :3

I want to be an iceburg. Because if I was an iceburg I wouldn't have to go to school or have crushes. I'd just float around water destroying stuff.

I throw my spanish in the air sometimes saying ayooooo no comprendooo

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"Rawr" does not mean 
i love you in dinosaur.
If you've watched jarrasic park it means "i am going to eat you"!!!

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your trousers are descending.

"I always have this fear that
you are going to discover I'm not as great as you once thought I was."

me: *swears*
person: you shouldn't say that
me: f*ck you!
Person: Maybe Later;)


School is advertised as a happy place where you can grow and learn but in reality it's a place that stresses you out with a bunch of work and brings your self esteem down. Woot \(-.-)/

Don't tell me

you're sorry cuz you're not.
Babe, I know you're only sorry you got caught.
But you put on a show, really had me going.

But now it's time to go. Curtain's finally closing.

Spongebob: Are you ready to get crazy?!
Patrick: I'm already hearing voices!!