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things i like: summer, smoothies, instagram, dogs, swimming, tans, the beach, mean girls, teen moms, one directions, carrots, pizza, food, zoos, adventure, laughter, family, friends, quotes, taylor swift, movies, sleepovers, titanic, demi lovato, boys, mushy romance movies, chick flicks, photography, writing, deams, larry stylinson, disney world, travelling, chinese food, buffets, six flags, talking, the internet, birthdays, christmas, snow, love, friendship, lights poxlietner, music, fashion, panda bears, snapbacks and honest people.
Things i don't like: people who think their better than anyone else, bullying, unnecsesary drama, the new disney, smoking, animal abuse, jerks, birds, hate, school, winter, talking with your mouth full, directionators, and judgement.  
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Quotes by reyyy312

Is it just me or
do you look in your refridgerator, find nothing to eat. look in your pantry, find nothing. then look back in your refridgerator to see if food magically appeared?
-should i make a series?


This one's for the girls messin' with the boys
like he's melody and she's background noise.
baby why can't you see? it feels so good but your so bad for me.

Studies show
that intelligent girls get more depressed,
  because they know what the world is really like.

*god making harry styles' nipples*

and four for you harry styles! you go harry styles!

My back isn't

a voicemail. say it to my face.
Girl you better love

what you've got
before you go and give it away.

If she's jealous,

she cares.

I just don't want
us to be strangers again...

I might not be a photographer

but i can picture us

together ♥

Plot twist: niall's saying he likes demi lovato when actually he's using her
to get to selena gomez . when he finally gets to date selena, he'll use
her to get to justin beiber. wow, niall's sneaky ;)
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