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things i like: summer, smoothies, instagram, dogs, swimming, tans, the beach, mean girls, teen moms, one directions, carrots, pizza, food, zoos, adventure, laughter, family, friends, quotes, taylor swift, movies, sleepovers, titanic, demi lovato, boys, mushy romance movies, chick flicks, photography, writing, deams, larry stylinson, disney world, travelling, chinese food, buffets, six flags, talking, the internet, birthdays, christmas, snow, love, friendship, lights poxlietner, music, fashion, panda bears, snapbacks and honest people.
Things i don't like: people who think their better than anyone else, bullying, unnecsesary drama, the new disney, smoking, animal abuse, jerks, birds, hate, school, winter, talking with your mouth full, directionators, and judgement.  
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you're so hypnotizin

Quotes by reyyy312

It's so good to love
someone so much that it hurts...i don't know how people survive this.
-lola from lol

Format Credit goes to: ThatsSooMeee.

One direction has a bunch of,

gorgeous fans and i'm just sitting here like:
you're british accent makes me feel tingly inside :V


Police: Anything you say can and will be held against you.


Prove to me that

your not like the rest.

Interviewer: if you could go to any other planet where would you go?


Good things happen to those who wait ❤

People say best friends are hard to find.

But that's because the best is already mine.

Format: twilightgirl995

Mom: Do your homework!
Me: NO! jimmy protested.
There's nothing left,
i used to cry.
my inspiration has run dry.
Pardon me for my lack of excitement,
But I’m not entirely thrilled.
Stutter when I talk,
Flail around as I walk,
Yeah the moment’s been killed.
And I’m not good at this no, not all.
I’m not good at this.
I’m a wreck and I know it,
And I tend to show it every chance that I get.
Butterflies in the skies, they just fly on by.
Yeah they’re making me sick.
They don’t flutter about, I’d do without.
All they do is kick❤

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