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things i like: summer, smoothies, instagram, dogs, swimming, tans, the beach, mean girls, teen moms, one directions, carrots, pizza, food, zoos, adventure, laughter, family, friends, quotes, taylor swift, movies, sleepovers, titanic, demi lovato, boys, mushy romance movies, chick flicks, photography, writing, deams, larry stylinson, disney world, travelling, chinese food, buffets, six flags, talking, the internet, birthdays, christmas, snow, love, friendship, lights poxlietner, music, fashion, panda bears, snapbacks and honest people.
Things i don't like: people who think their better than anyone else, bullying, unnecsesary drama, the new disney, smoking, animal abuse, jerks, birds, hate, school, winter, talking with your mouth full, directionators, and judgement.  
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