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the fact i can still log onto this is insane.
first joined this site around 13 yrs old,
i am now 24! witty gave me the chance
to talk to a lot of cool people, and also
allow me to be creative. it was a space
for me to not only write when i had the
time to, but share it with others. it also
let me practice my html & css lmfao.
i miss the days when this site was rly
poppin, but we all grow up and now
it's something i can look back at with
fond (and not so fond lol) memories.
if you're one of my friends, or were
one of my friends on here, reading this -
i hope everything's going well with you!

Quotes by ribcaged

wow,                                           give me my heart back


i can't recall the last time         
i took advice
from anyone...    
shaped like a figure      

who trusts pretty
    girls anyway?

and  i can't recall  the  
last time i took  advice
            from anyone....
i'm sure i'll be             
         the death of me


don't come close,  don't come close
you don't even know me
you think you know me


all my friends lie to me
i know they're thinking,
"you're too mean,
i  don't  like  you,
×ck you anyway
you  make  me  wanna  scream  at  the  top  of  my  lungs
it hurts but i won't fight you
you suck anyway
you make me wanna die,
right when i..."

"let's talk about healthcare, mackenzie"
 "oh amanda,    i'd rather not,    it's not polite

yes please keep talking i care so much *side eyeing emoji*

"people are judging me too quickly...
        but at the same time, let them, you know?
                                                   i'm me, so..."

                                            -- [ soo joo park ]

so if i'm wrong again, i apologize
you can take a guess, i'll check out my eyes
it's a common thing, to be out of line
but  it's getting old, by the fifteenth  (15th)  time

there is a sudden
lingering, and i realize
i really need you

                              (a rant or whatever)
·         “I’m not rac¹st, I have a ton of _____ friends!”
·         And, “They don’t mind!”
·         And, “I’m not rac
¹st, I love _____ people!”
·         Also, “I’m not rac
¹st, I’m _____.”
·         Also, “It was just a joke!”
First off… okay? So what if you’re friends with multiple people of that certain ethnicity? That doesn’t change the fact that what you said was rac¹st (making you, in fact, rac¹st). Just because you have many friends of a certain race doesn’t make it okay for you to say anything about that race. You have no right, no matter how close you may be to them [your friends]. It’s not okay.

Secondly, just because they don’t mind does not mean everyone else doesn’t mind either. They might be okay with it, but not everyone is, and you need to respect that.

If you ‘love’ said people, then why would you make a slur/remark/comment like that?

And if your excuse is the last one (“It was just a joke!”), then I can’t accept that. That is not a joke, and if you think anything racial is funny or something to joke about, then that is just further evidence that proves to me that you’re rac