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heey guys :)
Im on the left of my dp!!
I live in Australia 
Im a girl :)
Chat me up ;)
My fav sport is Netball and Touch
I have 4 dogs that mean the world to me!!
I'm a boarder.. haha woo < sarcam ;)

follow me and I'll follow back.. 
soo yeaa hah thanks for checking out my profile :)

Quotes by richie97

Justin Bieber - Boyfriend

Trying to fit the word 'swag' in as much as possible 

Doing your shoe lace up while you're on the toilet cos' you're a multi tasking b*tch :)
Live life to the fullest, cos' if you don't than what's the point?? :)
I want to go home!!
I am sick of boarding :'(