Status: Going to pass all of my midterms with above an 85, that's my Resolution, so I probably won't be on that often anymore.
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Mattie | Single | Fifteen
Changing every single day.

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I'm an inspired artist stuck in 10th grade at a crappy highschool.
I dye my hair and pack my lunch for school. I love my cat.
My taste in music is perfect and anyone who disagrees is wrong and probably smells weird.
I LOVE to read. I spend my weekends watching movies and finishing novels until dawn. 

I like tea. a lot.

Good books:
Looking For Alaska, North of Beautiful,Heart On A Chain, Dead to Us.

Hey, check out:
Alexis: itsamadworld
Kirst: ily123ily

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Parachute, All Time Low, Mayday Parade, Relient K, Florence and the Machines.

Bon Iver, Ingrid Michaleson,Ron Pope, Raical Face, Joe Brooks.


Quotes by ridemydino

Tonight all I will be doing is singing,
"Five Minutes To Midnight" :)


Tomorrow is the first blank page
of a 365 paged book. Write a good one.

Hey wittians, I just got a new haircut
the other day to start my Resolutions early.

I'm still unsure, could you maybe give me some feedback? I cut off 7 inches! :(

Face down in the dirt she says, this doesn't hurt.
She said, I've finally had enough.
                   -Red Jumpsuit Apparatus


Cynthia Rose: I have a confession to make.
Fat Amy: Oh, here it comes...lesbihonest.
Cynthia Rose: This is hard for me to admit to you guys, but for the past two years, I've had a serious gambling problem.
Fat Amy: Wait what?
Cynthia Rose: It all started when I broke up with my girlfriend.

Fat Amy: Whoop, there it is!

Aubrey: What's your name?
Fat Amy: Fat Amy.
Aubrey: You call yourself Fat Amy?
Fat Amy: Yeah so twig b.itches like you don't do it behind my back.


       Ed Sheeran:
               my dick is so big, when she saw it sheeran away.


Before you date someone,
think to yourself..would they be a good killing partner during the zombie apocalypse?



“We were in the gym, and I heard really loud bangs,” said the boy, as he stood shivering and weeping outside the school with his father’s arms draped around him. “We thought that someone was knocking something over. And we heard yelling, and we heard gunshots. We heard lots of gunshots. We heard someone say, ‘Put your hands up.’ I heard, ‘Don’t shoot.’ We had to go into the closet in the gym. Then someone came and told us to run down the hallway. There were police at every door. There were lots of people crying and screaming.”

Please pray for Newtown, Connecticuit.