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Quotes by riley27

you wanna know why im so many people s favorite korean and iraqean friend because i have a little weapon of mass destruction found in a secret place somewher e down the road or should i say waist

                                                                             MY PE***
i got milk the company is lucky they didn't give thei got milk company to drug addicts cause then it would be

                        I Got Weed and Crack!

3 Funny jokes

1.Your mama so fat whenshe went to work she brung her stomach instead of her lunch bag.

2.your moma so stupid she brung a spoon to the super bowl

3. your moma so fat she was born with one leg and one eye they nicknamed her ihop
the quote or joke today is that my teacher is an aztec indian an azz tec??????????????
Good thing Apple didn't make an iTouch for
      kids, because then they would have to call it..

          iTouch Kids

You cry---> I cry
You laugh---> I laugh
You jump off a cliff... 

---> I laugh even harder <---
if she is hot she should be the heat up on the pot
if she is ugly your better off running away to bugbey


im cool