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maybe girls play hard to get because guys play hard to keep.


I believe time heals all wounds. I believe laughter is the best medicine. I believe that if you put your trust in god; everything will turn out fine. I believe in magic. But most of all I believe in miracles. 

My names Riley and im just like any other girl teenage girl; trying to find out who she is. I have been hurt before, used, and let down. But that doesn't stop me. Not many people know how much im hurting, only my bestfriend, Micha. I have so many wonderful people in my like, im truly blessed.
I have my ups and downs but I know in the end everything will work out alright; and if its not alright, its not the end.

If what ahead scares you, and what's behind hurts you, just look above. He never fails to help you

'Cause, if we stand for nothing,
we'll fall for anything.

Quotes by rileybabeey

why do people have to make everything so



so don't you worry your pretty little mind.
people throw rocks at things that
and life makes love look hard


seems   like    t heres   always   someone   who   dissaproves.
they'll judge it like they know about

me & you.

every girl

can  relate  to  at  least  

>>of taylor swift's songs

looking in the mirror in the morning;
why hello there sexy lady

in our society,
the women

who break down barriers

are the ones who ignore the limits.

be one of those women.

when some random

b*tch says something to

you & your like 

  call your girlfriend
its time you had the talk
give your reasons
say its not your fault 

/// i just met somebody new, and now its done for me & you \\\


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