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i'm riley lynn, fifteen years young, freshman. Homecoming queen. 
i hate drama, and i just won't deal with it. Coffee, my girls, and food are my life. i love to make new friends. And my friends are amazing. i love them so so so much. i love to watch movies like Titanic, The Notebook, and The Last Song. Movies that make me cry seem to end up as my favorite. i love Cody Simpson and Taylor Swift, they're amazing. i love rap music too. Talk to me, i'm pretty nice when you get to know me, and i love to make new friends! i'll give advice too. i'm barely on anymore, so sorry if it takes me a while to answer yoou! And remember, you're all beautiful.
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p.s. i love you.
 it's funny how unhappy i truely am...
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Quotes by rileylovesyoou


hey beautiful girls ♥

if any of you use Tumblr, i'd really


appreciate it if you'd follow me.

i'll follow back(: thanks

             But, my god, it's so beautiful

when that boy smiles.


i hate the way i let people get to me..


I  come,
I  f u ck  s h i t  up.

I leave.

i liked him first, but
doesn't matter...

     i still like him, that doesn't matter either..

                                                                                There are many people in this world who will

pat your back & stab it at the same time..

Confession 5;
i used to think i knew what love was,
but now i know i was sadly mistaken.


Confession 4;
i almost lost my best friend because she's changed,
and not in a good way...


Confession 3;
i act like the most confident person, but i'm really not.

Confession 2;
My current boyfriend broke up with me for a 17 hour period
last week, i didn't know what to do.
i realized i don't know how to be single...